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Justice Nazrul quits Mir Quasem’s case; blames Attorney General and hostile surroundings
Monday, 15 February 2016

Justice Nozrul Islam Chowdhury, a retired judge of the High Court, today withdrew himself as a defence lawyer for Jamaat-e-Islami’s central executive committee member Mir Quasem Ali.

The move came days after Attorney General Mahbubey Alam pointed him out at court and said he was enjoying state facilities after retirement.

Justice Nozrul informed the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court about his withdrawal from the proceedings of the case against Quasem Ali.

Later, he issued the following press statement:

I have taken part in this case.  As a retired justice and senior advocate, I have due right to conduct this case. This is not unconstitutional and unethical at all. I have retired from the High Court on 12th December, 2015 and since 3rd January of 2016, I have been participating in different cases in the appellate division regularly. Already I have argued in the same side for the same client along with the learned attorney general in two cases and conducted case in 3 other cases against him as a defence lawyer. During my participation in those cases, the attorney general never raised question about the legality and morality of my practice as a lawyer. But he raised severe objection about my participation in this instant case which is truly unexpected and painful.

I have taken part in the case of Mir Quasem Ali according to the law and the constitution. But I am forced to withdraw myself from conducting this case due to severe hostile surroundings.

Justice Nazrul Islam Chowdhury

Senior Advocate

Bangladesh Supreme Court

Date: 15th February, 2016