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Ameer-e-Jamaat Section
Acting Ameer calls to observe May Day; Islamic labor policy can only secure labor rights, he asserts
Wednesday, 29 April 2015
Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmed has issued the following statement on 29th April, 2015 urging to observe ‘International Labor Day’ ‘May Day’ on 1st May.
Next 1st May is going to be observed as the ‘May Day.’ On this day, the labor communities had set a unique example of utmost sacrifice for the establishment of their due rights. From that occasion, labors around the world became inspired to carry out movement in order to attain their rights. The movement to secure labor rights is still not succeeded yet.
This fact is very vivid that, human made doctrine is not enough to resolve the human crisis. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), emphasized to pay the remuneration and due of the labors even before their sweating is dried. The real peace, salvation and welfare of the labors can be secured only by implementing the recommendations of the holy Prophet.
The labors are still deprived from their due rights. In the mills and factories and all the production sectors, the feud and bargaining between the labors and the owners have become very acute and severe in now days. Often the labors took to the street for their rights but still those are remaining unaddressed. The real freedom and dignity of the labors will be secured by implementing the Islamic labor policy.
Finally, I am calling upon the labor communities and the people of all walks to observe ‘International Labor Day’ ‘May Day’ on 1st May with due honor.”