Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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Completion of taking deposition of Investigation officer with applying force on five junior lawyers.
Thursday, 26 April 2012
Investigation officer (IO) Helal Uddin gave deposition against Vice president of Jamaat-e-islami , Internationally prominent Tafisir-e-Quran (Interpreter of the Holy Quran) Moulana Delwar Hossain on the 3rd hartal day of three continuous hartals for 9th day of deposition. Because of hartal, the fundamental lawyers of Moulana Syedee including Sdvocate Mizanul Islam could not attend the court for which Sayedee himself filed an application to the Tribunal to adjourn the activities of the Tribunal with taking permission from the Tribunal. He said addressing the tribunal, “if you do not have the will to wait for at least ensuring the attendance of the lawyers, what I can do without being patient”. He said , “ I am reciting the Holy Quran and waiting for the resolution of the hereafter life”. When the taking deposition of the IO was started without paying heed to the opposition of Sayedee , five junior lawyers said that their seniors could not attend because of the circumstances of the street. We came here to inform it. If the deposition is taken in absence of the seniors will tantamount to taking deposition in absence of the denfence. We are leaving the tribunal room. But the Tribunal said with warning, do not leave the court room. When we want the permission from the court room, they informed that the application is released.
One of the junior advocate said, “We come in the tribunal daily. Today, it seems to restraint in jail”. Tribunal in response to such statement said, “Being restrained in jail may be good sometimes”. “You take the note sitting here’. Because of hartal, justice A K M A Zaheer Ahmed of three Justices of the International Crimes Tribunal-1was absent on Tuesday and Chairmen Justice Nizamul Hoque and Justice Anwarul Hoque sat on the bench at 10.35 am. At this moment the prosecution Mohammad Ali was only present. On the other hand, five juniors of the main lawyers of Moulana Sayedee were present. Advocate Sazzad Ali, one of such junior advocates submitted an application to adjourn the taking deposition and said Our Seniors were not present because of hartal. we are applying for adjournment because of arising situations. Tribunal Cahirman Said, “adjournment application can be filed orally but we are not adjourning”. During such time, Prosecution Haider Ali and Mukhlesur Rahman became present. Tribunal said to prosecution to  start taking deposition .At this moment, Moulna Sayedee staying in the witness box wanted permission from Tribunal to speak.