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Ameer-e-Jamaat Section
Acting Ameer greets the countrymen on the occasion of Bangla Noboborsho
Monday, 13 April 2015
Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Maqbul Ahmed has issued the following statement on 13th April extending greetings to the countrymen on the eve of 1st Boishakh of the Bengali calendar popularly known as Bangla Noboborsho (The celebration for marking a new year according to the Bengali calendar).
“1st Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. For so many years, the people of this locality have been celebrating this festival. 1st Boishakh has become the inevitable part of the Bengali culture.
This time, we are going to celebrate this festival in such a period when the entire nation is undergoing amid severe uncertainty. The mass people are totally deprived from their right to take part in the social and cultural activities. Regrettably, the government is arresting people even from the social functions now days. Amid such a suffocating and fearful situation, the countrymen are going to observe Bangla Noboborsho, the traditional and historic occasion of the nation.
The independent and sovereign Bangladesh has a distinctive social and cultural heritage. But we have been facing severe social aggression for a long period. People of all walks should take a unified stance against such cultural aggression.
I am extending greetings to the countrymen on the occasion of Bangla Noboborsho. May the new Bengali year bring peace, security and stability for all quarters. Democracy, justice and voting rights would be restored in this land again; this is our only wish on this great occasion.”