Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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Taking deposion of investigation officer restraining five lawyers is sorrowful- Advocate Mizanul Islam.
Thursday, 26 April 2012
Advocate Mizanul Islam said, “The court did not fix any judicial activitied on Thursday because of hartal.IO completed 8th day deposition sumittion and the court fixed next dat , Monday considering the d\\\\Sunday hartal.But Hartal continues for Monday and Tuesday.No Judicial activites ar observed and conducted in the higher court because of hartal.this has been also sated by Sayedee in his speech.One of three juscties was absent because of hartal.IT officer of Tribunal was absent on Monday.We cannot go for the same reason./We sent some of our junior to show rest to the Tribunal.But the Tribunal did not grant their  demand.Maoula Syedee’s application has also been rejected.Advocate Mizanul Islam also sadi, “ when five of our junior lawyers were agreed to leave the tribunal, they were not permitted to leave the tribunal”Depoision of IO was recoreded restring the five junior lawyers within the tribunal.It is sorrowful, unexpected and tantamount to injustice.Advcoate Mizanul Islam said such above things in the dence Council office to the journalists.Barrister Tanveer Al Amin was also present  at this moment.