Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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Tribunal sat for two times in Hartal as well.
Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Conducting hearing in absence of Moulana Sayedee’s lawyers:  opposed by Moulana Sayedee
International Crimes Tribunal sat for two times on yesterday, Monday notwithstanding continuous 2nd Hartal day. Tribunal took initiatives to record the deposition of the Investigation officer (IO) Helal Uddin as 28th witness for 9th day where Moulana Sayedee opposed. In response to the opposition of Moulana Sayedee, Tribunal said, “Suppose, we are working as lawyer of you and keep the confidence on us. So taking deposition can be stated. See, what we are doing”. But the taking of deposition was adjourned till today having great lengthy debate and blatancy, and it became possible of the earnest request of Moulana Sayedee.
After three days close, taking of deposition of investigation officer was fixed on yesterday, Monday. Chief Lawyer of Moulana Saydeee, Advcoate Mizanul Islam and other lawyers could not come because of Hartal. Two junior lawyers, just entering in the lawyering profession and even not enrolled as supreme court lawyer came on foot. On the other hand, the tribunal constituted by three justices, one Justice Zaheer Ahmed was also absent for the same cause. The remaining Justices Chairman Nizamul Hoque Nasim and Justice Anwarul Hoque sat on the bench at 11.20am instead of 10 am. Before some minutes of it, Moulana Sayedee was brought in the Tribunal.
When Tribunal was intended to take deposition of IO, Moulana Sayedee being present in the witness box said, “my lawyers could not come because of Hartal and I do not know the law for which I am busy in reciting the Holy Quran coming here. It will not be right t take deposition in absence of my lawyers. Adjourn the taking deposition for today”. Chairman of the Tribunal said, “Suppose, we are lawyers of you for today. We will not take any decision which will go against you”. In spite of continuous opposition of Moulana Sayedee, Nizamul Hoque Nasim without paying heed to opposition called Prosecutor Mukhlesur Ramamn Badol for starting taking deposition. At this moment, Advocate Abu Bakr siddque and  Hasanul banna said, “our Senior Advocate, Advocate Mizanul Islam cannot move without car. He cannot come tribunal. So adjourn the hearing and taking deposition”.
When the Tribunal was blatant in their decision,, such advocates said, “if you intend to take deposition you have to wait till 2 pm”. Tribunal said to prosecutor Badol what they did and Badol also supported the adjourning up to 2 pm. But the Prosecutor Ziad Al Malum said  “ I am not agreed to give such time. They have two lawyers”. Justice Nizamul Hoque said to such Junior Lawyers, “you need not do anything. Take the not silently”. Both of them earnestly requested, “give time up to 2 pm and we will try to bring them (Senior Lawyers) by rickshaw. At this moment Tribunla adjourhned up to 1.30 pm. Lawyer of Moulana Sayedee , Advocate Mizanul  Islam could not be present even the tribunal sat at 1.30 pm again. At this moment Advocate Hasanul Banna submitted an application under the signature of Moulana Sayeddee .Such Application provides, “under the  present circumstances my lawyers could not come, so keep adjourned the taking deposition”.
Hasnul Banna and Advocate Abu Bakr Siddique said the tribunal, “advocate Mizanul Islam is a physical handicapped person and lifting him to the Rickshaw was not possible with wheel chair even it was not possible in CNG because he was not moved in CNG through the door of CNG. Tribunal said, “keep note sitting and you need not do anything”. Moulana Sayedee taking permission from the tribunal said, “since no senior lawyers of mine could not come today, adjourn the taking deposition till tomorrow”. Tribunal again said, “we will work as advocate of you, and keep confidence on us”. In response to the statement of the Tribunal, “Sayedee spoke with tribunal for a while”. Later on Moulana Sayedee said, “I did never request you. I am requesting  for the first time today. Please adjourn  taking deposition for today”. Chariman said, start taking deposition. What we will write in order. Sayedee said, “you will start tomorrow and complete whole deposition. That will not be problem. Accept my request”. Later on Tribunal ordered for adjournment till today Tuesday.
However, no justices of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh came in the Bench for two days because of Hartal and the Appellate Division did not do any judicial activities notwithstanding they come and sit on the bench. But the International Crimes Tribunal was exceptional. Tribunal said for several times with accompanying with the tone of the prosecutor for speedy trial and such blatancy committed yesterday proved that speedy trial intended by the Tribunal and Prosecution “speedy as their wish without paying heed to the circumstances”.