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The person born in 1972 is the eye-witness of the 1971 incidence!
Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Though the birth day of Khalilur Rahman is April 13, 1972, he is mentioned as the eye-witness of the crimes of Moulana Sayedee done during 1971 liberation war as per information given in the deposition.
He also informed that he saw the house breaking, robbery, firing, killing, genocide and many tortures done by Pakistani occupiers and the Rajakars during 1971 and demanded he is eye-witness of the firing and robbery of the house of Royees Uddin Posari by the Rajakar and Moulana Sayedee notwithstanding he was not born in 1971 as per his birth certificate.
In the deposition against Moulana Syedee given by Khalilur Rahmna to investigation officer, Khalilur Rahman mentioned that during 1971 his age was 13-14 years but the birth certificate of Khalilur Rahman provides his birth day April 13, 1972 and his voter list as well as information of his centre of work provides the same information.
Khalilur Rahman is one of the witnesses of the witness lists submitted by the prosecution containing 68 witnesses though his deposition was not accepted at last.
The plaintaiff of the case, Mahbubul Alam Hawlader gave the deposition against Moulana Sayedee and he also mentioned Khalillur Rahman as the eye-witness of the 1971 incidence. He said as to Khalilur Rahman, “I was in my house on june 2, 1971 and the witness Khalilur Rahman in the very early in the morning came my house and said, you and the leaders of Awami League as well as the freedom frighters  hiding in your house has been listed for arrest”.
 Six Cases aganst Khalilur Rahman:
Several victims filed case against Khalilur rahman for hijacking, fraud, possessing  lands of other etc and GD for several times and information of six cases has been found against him.
In the court of Additional Magistrate, Phirozpur,Court Khhalilur Rahmna has been convicted in one case for three years  and Session Judge Court and the High Court Division upheld the decision of the lower court. Lastly Khali;ur Rahman applied in the Appellate Division where the bench of the  prevous Chief justice Ruhul and Chief Justice J R Mudassir released the application after hearing . So the decision of the lower court prevails.
Prerogative mercy of the President:
Khalulur Rahmn filed an application for mercy to the President though it has not been granted. In the last year Khalilur Rahman also filed an application for the mercy to the President and in response to this application, the letter for sending the report as to five persons including Khalilur Rahman has been sent to the Acting inspector–General of the Jail in which letter the head line was “Sending information relating to five prisoners including Prisoner no. 49/A Khalilur Rahman”. It was mentioned in the letter that the applicant prisoners being convicted by the court on 24/04/1995 came to the jail, and got release by baliment on 24/05/1995. Later on, they did not return to jail. Communication has been done with them personally and the requisite documents have been sent.
The letter of Jail super of prhirozpur was mentioned referenceas to  the letter of 2011 of Home Ministry and the jail department.
It is allegation the attempt to issue prerogative mercy of the president in exchange of giving deposition against Moulana Sayedee in 2011 but the last result of getting mercy from the President cannot be informed by Khalilur Rahman.
In the last year, March 20 the prosecution lawyers submitted an application to the Tribunal and that the attendance of 46witnesses  cannot be ensured has been mentioned in the application so it can be ordered to take the evidence given by these witnesses to the investigation officer in absence of the witnesses.
Khalilur rahman is one of the witnesses of those 46 witnesses. But khlilur Rahmna is not in the name of the witnesses whose deposition has been taken in absence of the person deposits.
Job bearing conviction:
Khalilur Rahman is working as the night guard of the Sheikh Hasina Academy in Parerhat at present and the Chairman of the Managing committee of this Academy is the Local MP A K M A  Aouwal.
Tough information given by Khalilur Rahman is that he joined in this Academy in 1985, the record book for drawing the monthly payment by government and others payment provides that he joined in this Academy on 2/3/1996. His index no. is 292016 where the information of salary amount, bank account and information are mentioned. Such book also provides his birth day is 1972 and the signature of Managing committee chairman, local MP A K M A Aouwal is seen in this book.
The detailed facts of the case convicting:
The case filed in the INDURKANI thana, Additional Magistrate of Phirozpur convicted him for 1 year three months and such verdict has been given on 24/4/1995. On the day of verdict he was sent to jail and he was released after one month on24/5/1995.
He appealed against the decision of the additional Maigstrate of phirozpur, to Session Judge Court and High court division, both the court upheld the decision. Leave to appeal had also been released by the Appellate division of the Supreme Court on 16/11/2003. Though the conviction is prevailed, he did don need to return to jail. Going to know the fact of this case , it is known that Khalilur rahman  attacked by knife on his nephew at the time of threshing the fields of beans.
Case relating to wound created by Dao (knife) Attack:
IndurKani Thana , Case no. 02, Date:14/03/1993. GR 47/93, Section 447/323
Khalilur Rahman Came Dhaka for two time to give deposition:
From investigation and dissection it has been known that, Khalilur Rahmna came Dhaka for two times to give deposition against Moulana Sayedee. First, he came to Dhaka, on 4/12/2011 and he was presented to prosecution on 14/12/2011 and he was sent to home on 15/12/201. Later, he was brought to Dhaka on 3/1/2012 and was presented in the room of proseticution with another witness Altaf Hossain,  Mahbub Uddin and Abdul Latif on 4/1/2012 though his deposition was not taken on that day also. He was sent to home on next day 5/1/2012 and he was brought to Dhaka  and sent to home was done under the police custody. Joining in any institution bearing conviction, carrying out the activities of job openly and electing him as witness and bringing him to Dhaka under the attempt of the state are all surprising surprising to many persons .

Speech of Khalilur Rahman:
Khalilur rahman said to “The Daily Nayadiganta” that after the release of application by the Appellate Division, the copy of submitted mercy petition to president has also been submitted in Police station so he was not arrested. In the question whether was he given mercy, he answered he could not know about this issue. In the query whether he hid after the release of his application by the Appellate Division he answered that he did not hide and he is residing in the house till now. When the question was made as to six or seven cases filed against him, he answered “all the cases have been disposed and all has come in favor of mine”. Later on he cut the telephone line. After two days he was called and it was intended to discuss with him, as to abovementioned issue giving him the identity of caller as journalist he (khalil) instnally cut the telephone line.