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Ameer-e-Jamaat Section
Government is conducting extra judicial killing to subdue opposition movement; Acting Ameer urges UN and the global communities to take action to stop brutalities in Bangladesh
Wednesday, 28 January 2015
Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, MAqbul Ahmed has issued the following statement on 28th January, 2015 protesting and condemning the inhuman murder in the name of crossfire or encounter and urging the concerned authorities to stop such brutality immediately.
“The incumbent government has illegally grabbed the state office and now they are shooting the countrymen inhumanly by using the law enforcers just to stay in power forcefully and unlawfully. On last 19th January, the elected ward councilor of the Narail municipality Advocate Imrul Kayes was shot dead. Police arrested Chittagong city Chhatrashibir activist Sakibul Islam and tortured him inhumanly. Following such cruel torture and he was admitted into hospital and after 8 days of his fighting he finally died on 27th January night. Police arrested Shibir worker of Chapai Nawabganj town unit Asadullah Tuhin on 26th January and killed him brutally in police custody. Police arrested Nurul Islam Shahin, a professor of Rajshahi Islamia College from his business institution and shot him from very close range. Following such brutal murder, his dead body was sent to Rajshahi Medical College mortuary. After conducting such inhuman murders, the law enforcers have showed their outrageous arrogance by branding the murder incidents as gun fight or crossfire or encounter or crush under truck. The public life and property is totally unsecured now. Panic is prevailing everywhere as people are in amid severe fear of detention or shootout by the law enforcers. No place should be allowed to be such a valley of death. I am urging the concerned authorities to stop these brutal murders immediately.
The law enforcing agencies do not care of law or any judicial system. The constitution enforces to produce the detainee before the court within 24 hours of arrest. The arrestee should be informed the reason of his arrest and he should be given all privilege to enjoy legal rights. The law enforcers are not beyond the law but actually they are violating the laws frequently. The constitution or the prevailing legal system does not let the law enforcers to kill the people without any reason. It has become 15 days since Rangpur district’s Mithapukur Upazila’s Jamaat activists Al Amin, his wife Beauty Begum and neighbor Moushumi had been arrested. Still they were not produced before the court or they were not return back to their families. They have been tortured physically and mentally under police custody. Keeping someone under police custody for such a long period is clearly a violation of human rights and similar to crime against humanity.  The quarters who are involved with such heinous crimes have to face the liability for their offences. I am urging all the international and local human rights bodies, mass people and the world community to raise voice against such criminal offences which are taking place in Bangladesh frequently under the backing of the incumbent regime.
The Prime Minister has to be liable for all the criminal offences as she has instructed the law enforcers to take any actions just to protect her office. Actually she has given the law enforcing bodies an open license to shoot at opposition protesters. The consequence of such killing of innocent masses would be disastrous for Awami League. We had urged the law enforcers earlier and now again calling upon them to stop such inhuman, unlawful and unconstitutional offences. You have no right to kill the citizen of this nation. If anyone commits any crime, there is judicial process to try him/her. The offenders would be punished if the charges brought against him are proved. But if you continue such extra judicial murder avoiding the legal process, that would turn the country into a barren land. I am again urging the law enforcers to play their role professionally beyond any sort of political partiality.
Finally I am urging the countrymen to continue the ongoing peaceful blockade, demonstration and movement against the fascist government ignoring its unlawful and inhuman repression, torture and crackdown. I am also calling upon the United nations, International human rights bodies and peace loving people around the globe to take stance against the ongoing extra judicial killing in Bangladesh and to take due measures to stop such brutalities immediately.”