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The name or the photo of Moulana Sayedee is in nowhere of the 2.30 hour lengthy documentary film. Submission of deposition of the Investigation officer continued for the 6th day, yesterday.
Thursday, 19 April 2012
The Investigation officer(IO) , Helal Uddin gave the deposition for the 6th day, yesterday against the vice president of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the internationally prominent Mufassir-e-Quran (the interpreter of the holy Quran) Moualana Delwar Hossain Sayedee and in the submission of IO about 4.30 hours lengthy submission in which 2.30 hour submission was constituted by the Audio and video submission and such audio and video were showed through the multimedia projector before the tribunal. The fragmented parts of the news broadcast by the CBC, NBC, and ABC television during the 1971 war were shown and the documentary film “The History of Liberation War” made by ATN Bangla along with the historical speech of the Late President Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman delivered on March 7, 1971 though there is no photo of Sayedee or relation with the facts stated in the charge against Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

This emotion creating documentary film is not essential thing to prove the accusation brought against Sayedee. Through the documentary film of ATN Bangla, the role of the India in liberation war, the diplomatic tour of Indira Gandhi to get the support in favor of Bangladesh, the “Meet The Press” in London after release of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from Pakistan Jail, State congratulation ceremony in Delhi and speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Souhrawardi Uddan after return to Bangladesh were showed.

The barbaric Scenery of the Pakistani Force along with starvation in the Indian Refugee camp, malnutrition and cholera amounting to epidemic and the dangerous Scenery of human death were also shown. Besides these, the loathsome scenery of the victims affected by the Genocide, which the crow, dog and vulture were feeding dangerously. Pkaistani Army chief General Niazai’s surrender scenery was also shown. Let alone Moulana Sayedee, no  scenery of the role of Jamaat Leader could be shown by the Investigation officer in this documentary film.

Moulana  Delwar Hossain Sayedee recited the Holy Quran silently in the whole day sitting in the witness box on yesterday like the other previous days.

The investigation officer started to submit deposition for the 6th day and submission of his deposition will be continued on today, Wednesday. The deposition of the yesterday is the following:
The Pakistani occupier military force in the name “operation search light” started killing and destruction of Bangali on March 25, 1971. They started attack on the whole country including Dhaka with the Kaman, Mortar, Rifle, grenade at about 11.30 pm and the whole country waved with the constant attack of Kaman and Mortar and the house of the people, bazaar, office-courts, university hall even the Shaheed Minar were broken into parts with the attack of those bullets. Machine gun, rifles attacked on the innocent passers bye, the inhabitants of the nearness of the main roads, streets, slums, bazaar, footpath, various terminals and inhabitants taking shelter in the bus station, police station and various hall of EPR ,university, and the students, teachers and stuffs  residing in the residential areas.

The Pakistani occupier made the Dhaka city the “city of dead body carrying out the killing throughout the country including the Dhaka city. One group of the Pakistani army force coming in the Dhaka University, Ekbal Hall (now the Sergeant Zohurul hoque Hall) and the Jagannath Hall killed all students of these Halls. Before killing of these students, they obliged the students to dig a hole in front of the Jagannath Hall where the dead students were buried. Such loathsome scenery (video) has been taken by the professor Nurul Ula of the BUET from his residence and this video has been kept in the Internet and the liberation war achieve. The Pakistani occupying force detaining the females of the Bangladesh from various villages obliged them to be detained in their camp of the occupiers and raped them for day after day.

On the other hand, before the first attack of bullets the speech of Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman “Declaration of Independence “was broadcast from near of the Pakistan Government Radio wave though from another wave. Such Declaration of Independence is in the things exhibition 94. Bangabandhu declared, “This may be the last message of mine to you. From this day, Bangladesh is liberated and independent. The people of Bangladesh, all of you are invited to attend to prevent the occupying force with anything which you possess. You have to carry out the liberation war till the obliging the last occupier of Pakistan to flee”. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was detained with his full family by the military of under the leadership of the Major Belal with attacking the house of Mujibur Rahman by rocket Launcher. Mujibur Rahman was arrested and taken into jail. The investigation officer later onsaid, “Bangabandhu was taken to the Cantonment by arresting”.

In this stage, the fragmented parts of the news of NBC during 1971, where the music of Banga Song and many speech composed in Bangla, another news of the CBS television where some bones of human being  war were  included. The recent video of Moulana Motiur Rhaman was pasted in the Show.

IO said “the CD of combing contains the NBC and ABC news during 1971, and this is the house exhibition 8, and this CD has been broadcast as to the incidence of killing, Genocide, destruction, firing, rape and other criminal activities. The Bangali Nation started the liberation war in 1971 with the command of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and the dream of independent country was created by Bangbandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but he was in Pakistan jail.

During Independence war, Taj uddin Ahmed is a person who was leading during the liberation war. Taj Uddin Ahmed took shelter overcoming the border in India giving up all peoples on the fate of them on March 30, 1971 and at that time he was accompanied by Barrister Amirul Islam. Later on, he constituted the Mujib Nagar Government with consulting all. Historical independence charter was declared form Mujib Nagar on April 17, 1971. This charter declares the Bangladesh as De facto and De jure independent Bangladesh. In this new country, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the president, Syed Nazrul Islam was Deputy President and temporary President in absence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Taj Uddin Ahmed was The Prime Minister. The first Governemnt of Bangladesh started its journey taking oath on 17-04-1971 in Mujib Nagar (Meher pur Bouiddo Nath Tola) in the presence journalists of the broad and abroad. The main function of this government was to conduct the arm campaign against the Pakistan armies staying in the Bangladesh. Form this, public war, Liberation war and independence war was started. The Video of taking the oath of Mujib Nagar Government was shown through the multimedia projector and it was things exhibition 9.

Later on IO also said, the Pakistani occupier force started torture in each and every village to prevent the independence war of Bangladesh and a large number of peoples were victim of this torture and about one crore peoples took shelter in India being shelterless. After this incidence, police, the various members of erstwhile EPS military force participated in the independence war  and students, teachers, youths, farmers, laborers  and all stages of the peoples participated in the ;liberation war. The Pakistani Force created various collaboration forces called peace Committee, Al Badr, As-shams to utilize the peoples of Bangladesh against Bangladesh. The collaborators refusing the existence of the independence of Bangladesh participated in the killing, genocide, robbery, firing, rape and crimes against humanity, to continue the undivided Pakistan. The Pakistani occupiers with the help of the domestic collaborators conducted the killing, robbery, genocide, rape, firing, crimes against humanity and in the name of continuity of undivided Pakistan and Islam killed a large numbers of Hindus. Because of the unbearable torture of Pakistan armies many of the peoples were taking shelter in the Neighbouring Country India.

Later on, The investigation officer said, “ATN Bangla made a documentary CD in the name of the history of liberation war”. At that time Tribunal said, CD or documentary film? The investigation officer said, CD of Documentary film. A lunch break was given after the exhibition one hour lengthy CD. After lunch break another CD of ATN Bangla Audio and video were exhibited and it continued till 2.5 pm.

After exhibition the investigation officer said, “this is the exhibition, and I have signature on it and this is exhibit-10”. Again the investigation officer said, ‘on April 16, 1971 the erstwhile east Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami ameer  Golam Azam ,the previous foreign minister Hamidul Hoq Choudhury, the president of Jomiite Ulama-e-Isla, Mohsin Uddin ahmen, Advocate AT Saadi, met with the governor Tikka Khan. They gave hope to protect the undivided Pakistan and for this purpose they constituted the peace committee.

After the constitution of the peace committee, The members led by Nurul amin and the golam azam met with Tikka Khan on April 16. 1971 in the evening of this day and in that meeting the Jamaat- e-Islami Ameer Golam Azam said that Jamaat was with the Pakistan Army to protect the undivided Pakistan and had given the speech for the propose of the peoples for supporting the Pakistan Army and the peoples of this country would continue the war against the foe of the Pakistani Government.

Ansar camp as first Rajakar Force  in khulna was established  with the leadership of Moulana A K M Yousuf and other 96 leader of Jamaat, on May ,1971 even this Rajakar force was acquired by the Pakistan government. Then the Rajakar Ordinance has been added with this document collected from the Home Ministry. Exhibition 252. Moulana Yousuf Ahmed headed this group as Rajakars.

The leaders of Islami Chattro Sango was the leadership of this Rajaklar Group. The rajakars were recruited by the peace committee. The most of members of this group were the muhaddes, mudasser and students of Madsah. Thus the Rajkasr established strong base and conducted the killing, rape, crimes against humanity, destructive  activities. This kind of killing, rape, destruction crimes against humanity was conducted under the leadership of Golam Azam and the other jamaat leaders, supporters. The destruction of these rajakars wee  more seruous than the Pakistani occupiers.

Such Rajakar, Al badr, As-shams,the Peace committee with the assistance of the Pakistani occupiers obliged the peoples of the Bangladesh from March 25, 1971 to December  16, 1971 to take shelter in India and  because of their torture  30 lacs peoples were killed, the dignity of mothers and sisters of 4 lacs was destructed  and 1 crore peoples were obliged to take shelter in India.

As like as other regions of Bangladesh, the assistance to the Pakistani occupiers in Pirozpur, continuity of undivided Pakistan, destruction of freedom fighters, rape of female, firing, crimes against humanity were conducted by late khan  Bahadur Syed Afzal , as a chairman of the peace committee in Pirozpur and the peace committee was constituted with other group of foe of liberation war. Because of the torture of the Peace committee, the  inhabitants of the city were obliged to leave the city and continue to live in the village.