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Moulana Sayedee grazed the cow after liberation! Self contradictory information of the investigation officer in deposition for 8th day
Friday, 20 April 2012
The investigation officer (IO) submitted deposition before the tribunal for 8th day against internationally prominent Mufassir-e-Quran (the interpreter of the Holy Quran), Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee as 28th witness yesterday, Thursday. Taking his deposition has been adjourned till next Wednesday. He said yesterday in giving the deposition that Moulan Sayedee fled after liberation and he said that he lived in the house of Raoshan Ali in Jessore where he grazed the cow of Raoshan ali which is self contracditory with his own deposition. The present government after coming in power ATN Bangl telecast many reports which had been shown and exhibited yesterday. At least 30 reports had been shown and its lengthy was more than two hours. In this reports various interviews with many person were also shown. The persons who gave the interview were not made witness against Sayedee even the concerned reporter of the ATN Bnagla was not made as witness though such documents have been received as evidence. IO acknowledged that  15 witnesses  were not made possible to be attended before the tribunal notwithstanding trying my best and the police officer.
The deposition was recorded from about at 10.40 am to at 3.00 pm for 8th day form IO and during that time Moulana Sayedee was reciting the holy Quran and at random he heard the deposition and speech of the IO. Such aged Mufassir-e-Quran felt ill and lay in the witness box. The submission of the IO was not completed till yesterday so it was adjourned till next Monday.the deposition of the IO was taken by the prosecutor Syed Haider Ali assisted by prosecutor syedur rahman. Advocate Mizanul, Advocate Tajul Islam, Advocate kofil Uddin Chowdhury, Barrister Tanvir Al Amin etc.
The deposition is progressed in the following:
In the 8th day deposition the IO showed many photos along with “Vagirthi area” and said Vagirthi was killed  with torturing her in the Phirozpur and the “Vagithi monumental” was made in the place where vVagithi was killed , Sadar 1971 ,it was shown in the serial no 18, collected by me  on 18-04-2012from  Sadar and in that monumental the lists of the mytyrs of the liberation war in phirozpo\\are given and form which I took 4 standstill photos and these photos have been preserved in the CD submitted to the court. Such CD has been exhibited through the  Projector .
Serial no.17, the daughter of Bipod Sahah , “Vanu Saha” was raped during liberation war in Phirozpur  of 1971 and during investigation I have taken a standstill photo of the house of Vanu Saha which has been preserved in CD from my Laptop and submitted before court these have been submitted through the Projector.
Serial nn 3, the crimes of the robbery and firing and destruction of the several Hindu Para of Sadar than in Phirozpur District commited on May 4, 1971 are shown.
Serial no 4 is shows the killing of four person of Hindu community in front side of the house of washer situated in phirozpur in sadar thana and from which I have taken a photo by the government camera preserving it  in CD  taken from  my Laptop then submitted to the learned tribunal. It has also been exhibited through the projector.
The Pakistani occupiers and the domestic collaborator of  Pakistan were defeated on December16 ,1971 and the Pakistani occupiers attacked on the western Indian region on December 3 ,1971. In this circumstances, India declared Bangladesh on December 6, 1971 and the joint force was constituted with freedom fighters of Bangladesh and Indian Eastern Command Force and such joint force entered in various regions our country.
Lieutenant General Niazi surrendered to the General Jogojit Singh Orora on December 16, 1971 in the Rescourse Field of Dhaka where AK Khadaker was representative of the freedom fighters of Bangladesh .Thus the Bangladesh was created as liberated country in the map of the World. The incidence of surrender is available in the documentary of ATN bangla “the history of Liberation war” and this is photocopy of the document where I have signature. Exhibition 252/1. The signature of General Jogojit Sigh Orora, chief of Treacherous force Commander India and Bangladesh in the eastern command and AK Niazi Lt. General Martial law administrator zone B and commander eastern command (Pakistan) are in the document. December 16, 1971 is under the signature. This is that document.
The freedom fighters  started to arrest  leaders and members of the peace committee, Pakistani occupiers, collaborators force, the peace committee, Rajakars, Al badr, and Asshams   after emancipation from the occupation of Pakistani occupiers throughout the country. The freedom fighters of phirozpur came in locality and started search of the members and leaders of the peace committee, Rajakars, Al Badr and Asshamas. Mauolana Delwar Hossain Sayeddee, son of Late Yousuf Ali Shikder fled, vill: Phirozpur,  thana: Endur Kandhi  District Pjirozpur and the present address 914,Shahieed Bag, thana Motijheel, DMP, Dhaka fled from phirozpur leaving his own house, own locality apprehending the death without surrendering to the freedom fightres to protect the life and took shelter in the house Raoshan Ali (70), son of late Sufi Daud Ali  Biswas. ,village: Duha cola Than: Bagharpar, District: Jessore   and he hided with his family. He grazed the cow of Mohammad Raoshan and then he left the house of Raoshan when it was great publicized that he was involved with Rajakars and killing, genocide, rape, robbery firing during liberation war with riding in the bullock car. after a long gap of hiding , he returned in phirozpur and conducted Waz mahfi (Interpretation ceremony of the holy Quran) and he tried to cover his prejudicial activities done during liberation war after electing as MP for two terms by various publications. I have taken the standstill photo and of video of the house of hiding by Delwar Hossain Sayedee at Doha Kola in Bagharpara of Jessore District. During the investigation this photo has-been taken by me through the official camera and exhibited through the multimedia projector. I submitted many documents bearibg serial from 1to 125 to 16,19,23 serials of the standstill photo and video preserved CD and another CD bearing 3,4,and 17 and 18 serial where standstill and video photos are also available. Things exhibition 12 and 13 were marked. This is that CD where I have signature and it contained the all information relating to the torture, killing, genocide, robbery ,rape committed by the Pakistani occupiers and collaborators “India news review Diary on Bangladesh 1971” and I have collected CD of this detailed document.
I have investigated by myself and I have gone to every department to collect the proof of the activities of the peace committee, Rajakars, al Badr,  and Asshams force but form the department where I have gone it has been known that after the killing of bangbandhu sheikh Mujibur rahman on August 15, 1975 the maximum proof relating to the commission of prejudicial activities  has been destroyed by the next every government.
The documentary film “Akattorer  Ghatokera” (killers of 71) made by ATN Bangla  and broadcast time to time by ATN Bangla  as to the incidence like killing, genocide, robbery, crimes against humanity rape etc committed by pkiastani occupiers, and conllaborators of them i.e. the Peace Pommittee, Rajakasr, Al Badr  and Asshams has been collected by me during investigation and exhibited in the tribunal. This is that CD and thing exhibition 15. I wrote down the deposition of 68 witnesses by interrogation and I submitted a book in the name of “the deposition of the witness”. Because of the opposition of the Advocate Tajul Ialsm, the last word has been excluded. I (IO) was ordered to ensue the attendance of witness by the tribunal when the trial of the case has been started I made endure the attendance of the witness in the tribunal with the help of the local police officer. The local police administration including me became failed to ensure the attendance of 15 significant witnesses. Attendance of such witnesses is expensive, time consuming, and difficult. Report has been submitted as to the  witnesses not pressed”.