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Allama Sayedee got higher degree from OIC and Allama Title from London and America. Investigation officer gave the deposition in the tribunal for 7th day
Friday, 20 April 2012
The investigation officer submitted deposition before the tribunal for 7th day against internationally prominent Mufassir-e-Quran (the interpreter of the Holy Quran), Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee as 28th witness. IO exhibited the “Ekhusher Choukh” celebration of ETV through the Projector  and the interview of the plaintiff Mahbubul Alam Haolader and Manik Posari broadcast in this report though these two plaintiffs said during cross examination they forgot whether they give the interview to ETV or not along with some other witnesses interview were exhibited and broadcast in this report. Later on, advocate Mizanul Islam said to the journalists that the witness who had said false as to such lengthy interview, the confidence and faithfulness of such witness deposition is very low and so the deposition of such witness is not admissible. He also added that the institution ‘ETV” is not acceptable and the Appellate division of the Supreme Court gave the verdict as to this matter  that the ETV is not faithful and so any report of them is also not faithful. Though the prosecution mentioned in the formal charge  that Moulana Sayedee has passed simply Alim and he had no academic degree to mention in the name Allama but the report of ETV shown yesterday by the Investigation officer showed that Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee passed his Dakhil in 1957  from Sarsina Madrasah and Alim from BaroiPara Siddiqia Senior Madrasah in 1960. Later on he studied in Khulna and Pakistan. He gained higher degree from OIC and Alliance title has been gained from London and North America. 
When Justice Nizamul Hoq Nasim, Anwarul Hoq and AKM Zaheer Ahmed sat in the bench of the International Crime Tribunal at 10.40 am, IO started to submit deposition for 7th day. The record of such deposition was continued till at 3.45 pm with one hour break for the lunch. Moulana Sayedee recited the holy Quran during whole the time. Prosecutor Haider Ali and Syedur Rahman recorded the deposition of the IO. On the other hand Advocate Mizanul Ismam, Advocate Kofil Uddin, Barrister Tanvir Al amin,  Barrister Munshi Ahsan Kabir etc. IO will submit the deposition on today, Thursday.
The debate was created when the IO intended to submit the amendment of the Rajakar Ordinance again newly. Advocate Mizanul Islam said, is it specimen document or the photocopy, no signature of any body is present, The Justices of the Tribunal also raised such question and the prosecution Haider Ali could not give proper answer as to this question. That Prosecution intended to attach the amendment with the previous day document was opposed by advocate Mizanul Islam as it is not lawful.
IO started to submit deposition in way, I have submitted Gazette of Rajakar 1971, Rajakar regarding gazette Ordinance 1971, ministry of defence, Raoual pindi, the notification 4857 of the September 7, 1971 government of Pakistan, date 8/5/PS-1 A/D- 2A have been submitted by me today. Along with such Gazatte, pay and alliance for rajakars, a specimen in headline having signature of mine has been submitted. Exhibition 252 (2).
IO also mentioned that I have scrutinized the various dailies’, electronic medias’ news, information, information in internet, and various informations relating to various government and non-governemnt office and organization. During investigation, I took various photos and videos. From the secret and open investigation it has been proved that accused Delwar Hosssain Sayedee alias delu alias deilla, father late Moulana Yousuf Ali shikder, vill: Southkhali, thana: Endukani, District: Phirozpur was born in 1940(as per Dakhil certificate). In 1957, he passed Dakhil exam from Sarsina Darus Sunnah Alia Madrasah) and the result was first division. At that time after the completion of the Dkahim exam, four years have to be passed and studied by the Dakhil pass student and the student passing Dakhil is actually the class viii. So to pass alim four years have to be studied. After Dakhi he started to study in the Madrasah in Alim. After some days, because of involvement with Jmaaat-e-Islami, chatro organization he was removed from the madrasah.
Later on he passed alim from Baroi Para Siddiqia Senior Madrasah in 1960. But no proof has been collected as to more degrees of Moulana Sayedee and it cannot be known even he has nany qualification to write Allama in his name, From various evidence and documents, from before the holy and great liberation war, Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee alias Delu alias Deilla resided in the house of father in laws situated in Endur Kani, parerhat port where he ran business on salt, pepper, oil and other materials.
The accused Delwar Hossain Sayedee alias Delu alias Deilla  established the Peace committee and other weaponry Rajakar force  March 26, 1971 to December 16, 1971  either with the Pakistani occupiers or they individually conducted killing, Genocide, firing, robbery on the innocent people, the peoples favoring the liberation war, or the activist of Awami League. Hindu community, several hundreds of female were raped and 30 thousand patriotic peoples were killed by the Pakistani occupiers along with collaborators organization the peace committee, Rajakar, Al badr, Ashams etc in phirozpur. Hundreds of dead bodies which were killed by the occupiers and the collaborators the peace committee, Al badr, asshams etc were found to be floated in the rivers of phirozpur during great liberation war. Because of the torture of them, thousand of inhabitants of the phirozpur took shelter in the neighboring country ,india.
Jmaat Ameeer Professor Golam Azam, Mushi A K M Yousuf, and the president of the peace committee of phirozpur khan Syed Mohammad Afzal (late ) planned and directed to constitute the peace committee of the phirozpur and in accordance with such plan and direction Jamaat leader Sekander Islam and (late ) Danesh Mullah, Delwar Hossain Sayedee alias Delu alis deil and others constitute the peace committee. Many madrasha students, local Jamaat-e-islami leaders and foe of liberation war constituted the auxiliary force
Rajakars possessing the building of fakir Das establish Rajakar camp. during this time the picture of this house was shown through projector. I have taken this photos by the official camera and preserved this photos. I have signature on it. May 3, 1971 Colonel Atiq, Major Nader Parvez, Captain Azaz and other military members came phirozpur and constituted camp in phirozpur government high school Along with the Rajkars ,Al Badr assisted to kill, conduct genocide and crime,
Accused Moulana Delwar Hossaidn Sayede alias Delu alias Della committed the following offence from March 26, 1971 to December 16, 1971 conducted the crimes under the section 3(2) and section 4 (1) of the international crimes Tribunal Act 1973  in phriozpur with Pakistani occupiers. The crimes are following:

1.    20 innocent and civil peoples were killed in the phirozpur sadar Thana, backside of the mid-machimpur bus stand. By the official camera I have taken photo of Machimpur Bus stand and incidence of Machimpur Bus stand. The picture of the place of Pakistani occupires camp was taken by the investigation officer through official camera and it was showed in the screen.
2.    13 innocent Hindus were killed by shooting on May 4, 1971 and thus they have committed genocide. I have taken the photo of this crimes and it has been exhibited.
3.    In the same day May 4, 1971, by committing the robbery and firing they committed the crime of full destruction.

4.    In Sadar Thana, May 4, 1971 the genocide was conducted against hindu in fornt house of washer and backside of the LGED  in the city of pirozpur of the phrozpur sadar thana.

5.    May5, 1971 Saif Mizanur rahman  DeputyMagistrate,  Abdur Razzzaq SDO and other three officers were illegally detained, abducted and killed and the dead body were thrown into the rivers of Dolsshore.I have taken hoto of this incidence and exhibited it.

6.    May 7, 1971, 30/35 shops were robbed, fired, 2 kg gold and other valuable metals were robbed form parehat port, wEndhurkani thana of the phirozpur district. The photo of various shops of parerhat were taken by and exhibited.

7.    May 8, 1971,the dacoity in the house of Shahidul Islam was committed and his father late Nurul Isam was illegally detained.

8.    And in the same day the Manik Posary and Ibrahim Kutti was detained and Mofiz Uddnim were illegally detained and killed. June 9, 1971 Abdul Halim Babul was killed also,

9.    June 10, at about 10 am, after the destruction 25 houses at omedpur village in Endurkani thana. And it amounts to complete destruction and Bisha bali was killed.

10.    June 2, 1971 the house of Mahbubul Alam Haolader of tangra kahali village was robbed and his brother was killed at about 12 pm.

11.    Shefali Gorami was killed and raped at hogulbania village in Hindupara of Endhurkani thana of the phirozpur district.

12.    14 innocent and simple hindus detained and killed after abdcuction of them and I have taken photos of them  and exhibited.

13.    In Nalbunia village, of Enduani thana, Azahar Ali was killed after ¾ months of the commencement of the liberation war, later on the son of Azhar Ali was abducted and he was also killed,

14.    In the last moment of 1971. 10 Hindu peoples were detained and killed in the Hugolbunia village  at Endhurkani thana in the phirozpur district.

15.    Moha maya, Mola rani and Ononna Rani were abducted from the Parer hart  port of Endhurkani thana of the phirozpur district and they were taken over to the camp of military force where they were raped. The place of incidence was destructed by the erosion of the river. so the photo of house has been taken.