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The investigation officers said in the 5th day of Testimony: Moulana Sayedee lived in Khulna after Liberation war and conducted Tafsir Mahfil (Celebration of interpreting the holy Quran)
Friday, 13 April 2012
Invesitgation officer (IO) Helal Uddin gave testimony Against  Vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami ,Internationally prominent Mafassir-e-Quran  Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee as the 28 the witness for 5th day on last Tuesday and the taking testimony (taking statement of witness) and taking such testimony has been adjourned by the tribunal till the next  Tuesday.

Investigation Officer (IO) said in his statement about the war of British-India and Bangaldesh-Pakistan accompanied by the record of personal activates of Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee. He mentioned that Sayedee conducted business in Parehat port and lived in the house of father in law during liberation war. After liberation war he left for Khulna and conducted Tafsir Mahfil (Celebration of interpreting the holy Quran). In 1973 he built a building of ½ storied where  he or no relatives of him live now and only the students of Madrasah lived in that house and such Madrasah is situated in Siddqia Mohalla (Siddqia area) in Khulna.

But the during the framing of formal charge and in the formal charge including the statement of the witnesses mentioned that after liberation war Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee fled. The accusation brought by the prosecution has been proved as wrong by the evidence of the IO’s submission.
With the attendance of Delwar Hossain sayedee at 10.40 am, IO started to give the testimony and it was recorded till 1 pm. After lunch break the hearing of BNP leader Salauddin Qader Chowdhruy was taken and so the taking of testimony against Sayedee produced by IO was adjourned till next Tuesday .

The testimony given by IO in the 5th day, Tuesday is following:
During in investigation 5 reports of the superintendent of police, phirozpur district, joint police commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan police (DMP), sub-police commissioner Motijheel division, Dhaka, special police super DMP south, Bangladesh police CID, Dhaka, Additional DIG special branch Bangladesh police Dhaka are found.

The following matters are found in the above mentioned reports:
1.    Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee lived during liberation war in father in law’s house and ran business which was at  parerhat port in Sadar thana (it is presently known as Endurani thana ).

2.    That after the freedom from the occupiers ,he went to Khuulan and ran various Tafsirul Quran  Mahfil (Celebration of interpreting the holy Quran)has been informed by the IO. In 1973 he built a ½ stored building where no personal relatives of Sayedee live now and in such small building the students of Madrasah  stay now.

3.    That after great liberation war his condition become enriched and become known to everywhere. During full nine months of the liberation war he stayed in Pareer hat port with his full family and conducted the activiteies prejudicial to the liberation war has been known and the detailed information can be gathered from his birth place Parer hat port. Financial condition of him became solvent after liberation war 1971 and he lives now at shahid bag in Dhaka.

In 1952, language movement was commenced. The students called a mass agitation claiming state language Bangla. The police fired  on students cruelly with the order of the ruling party of the Pakistan to protest the justifiable demand of the Bangali. the police killed Salam Rafiq, Barkat, Zabbar, inter alia more, unknown and innumerable peoples in such  three days lengthy agitation, procession and assembly. The streets of Dhaka became colorful with the bloods of martyrs.
But the movement was not stopped rather it spread throughout the whole Bangladesh and the Bangali Nationalism has been proved by this movement. In 1968, Ayub government declared , “ the conspiracy to east Pakistan divide the Pakistan with the help of India has been brought out and the some defence personalities and bagalies are involved with scuh conspiracy”. After some days of such declaration, case has been filed against Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman as “Agartola Conspiracy” case and a tribunal was established to try Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Ayoub Khan framed the “Agartola conspiracy” case to protest Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and stop forever the voice of Bangali Nation though it was not given to be understood by the mass people. The people of the whole country was burst into agitation for protesting the mockery trial as  trial of mujibur Rahman for “Agartola conspiracy”. At least 100 hundreds of peoples were killed, arrested or injured by the police or military force during 1968 to 1969 mass assembly, agitation or conflict with police and military force. Because of such protest Sheikh Mujibur Rahmn was freed 1969, February including with other personalities who have been jailed and the case of Agortola conspiracy has been withdrawn. ‘Banggabandhu” title was given to Sheikh Mujibur rahman after freeing form the jail and it was given by the students in shuhra wardi Uddan.
In 1970 election, Awami league and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman got 160 seats from 162 seats of national election in the East Pakistan. Besides these, reserved  7 seats of the East Pakistan also went to the pocket of Awami League. So the Awami League got lonely majority getting 167 sets of the East Pakistan from 169 seats in the national election council. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has declared on December 19,1970 that the future constitution of the country will be determined in the light of six sections activities  and no compromise is possible in this matter. After the completion of the preparation of the inauguration ceremony for national assembly ,a sudden declaration of Yahya has been broadcast  through the Pakistan radio. The decalaration was that the national assembly session has been suspended for undetermined times because of the conflicting opinions among the East and West Pakistan leaders. The deep reaction of the thousand miles far East Pakistan attacked and waved the root of the west Pakistan ruling.
The peoples of whole the country burst into agitation hearing such fraudulent declaration. The peoples were assembled in the street carrying the sticks, hockey sticks, the, iron rod, branches of tree, bricks and Stones etc. Their agitation became dangerous type. The agitation spread throughout the whole East Pakistan. Awami League observed Hartal throughout the whole country for March 2, 3. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave the speech on March 7, 1971 in Rescourse Maidan (Rescouse Field). The Bangali were taking preparation for any acute situation. A base of unbelieveable unity was created. The acute unity of brotherhood was created among bangalis. Declaration letter was spread throughout the whole country. Not six sections activities, we “want freedom’ that is one section demand”. The civil administration has been broken down. The government service holder, officer-and staffs all started to involve in the movement.
Procession and processions were in the street. Strong wave of the protesting people was  in the street and street. Slogan of fiery voices, hero Bangali, touched the weapon and make the country liberated. March 2, 1971 ,the national flag was lifted with the Bangladesh map in the historically important place, under the banyan tree of the University of Dhaka. The national anthem was selected “Amar Sonar Bangla………”song in the mass assembly of Chatra League on March 3, 1971. Defence and military force killed an  innumerable innocent mas peoples when they joined in the non-cooperating movement with Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur rahaman.
March 7, 1971. It was previously declared that sheikh mujibur will give the speech in the Racecourse Maidan (Racecourse Field). He will give the plan of future activities. Unfearful people were starting to come in the Racecourse Maidan and the Ramna before the commencement of the congregation. Here the people of all stages came in the assembly- day laborers, inter alia, Doctors, students, Businessmen, Rickshaw pullers, educative personalities, males and females, old aged, youths, children. In The speech with true and logical and directive for future, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared ….in this stage the speech was exhibited through the multi media projector”. It is marked as things exhibition 2.