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Jan 5 election not accepted to world community: British MP
Sunday, 15 June 2014
The January 5 election in Bangladesh did not reflect the hopes and aspiration of its people, says British MP Simon Dansac.
The election has not been accepted to the world community as the two major political parties did not join it, he added.
Simon Dansac made the observation while delivering his speech at a discussion styled  “Aggression against sovereignty of Bangladesh and reality” at Perin Lecture Theatre in Queen Merry University in London.
Citizen Movement UK organized the discussion.
The role of a strong and effective opposition party in the parliament is essential to give democracy an institutional shape. A parliament without an effective opposition party in no way can represent the people of the country,” says the British MP who expressed his deep concern at the extra judicial killing and reports made by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International on violation of human rights in Bangladesh.
“Human rights are violated in Bangladesh in every steps, people being sent to jail without trial, freedom of press being snatched and opposition leaders and activists are being tortured- which can’t be an example for democratic practice” said Simon.
He urged Bangladesh government to reestablish real democracy and practice human rights in the country withdrawing false cases against political leaders, halting disappearance, killings and extra judicial killings as well as killing of opposition leaders and activists in the name of cross-fire.