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Mrs. Delwar Hossain Sayedee outlines the loopholes of the cases against her husband; demands immediate release
Thursday, 17 April 2014

Begum Saleha Sayedee has issued a statement on 16th April, 2014 demanding the immediate release of her husband and detained renowned religious scholar Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee. His full statement is as follows:
“The government has filed false and fabricated case against Allama Sayedee in line with the false allegation of committing crimes against humanity to attain their ill political interest. Since the onset, we have been claiming that, justice cannot be secured from this biased and questionable tribunal. During this trial procedure, the prosecution side has undertaken various steps of falsehood, forgery and immodesty. We truly believe that the tribunal did not make justice to Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee rather he became the worst victim of injustice.
During the hearing in the Appellate division, the prosecution side continued their ill practices of forgery. Since the beginning, we have been haunting for justice and trying our level best to assist the tribunal in securing justice. We also placed all necessary documents that we had collected earlier. But the tribunal did not take our document particularly the FIR filed by Ibrahim Kutti’s wife Momotaz Begum into their cognizance. During the Appeal hearing of Allama Sayedee, the fact of murdering Ibrahim Kutti and the case of Momotaz Begum became the burning issue. The state side have defined our submitted documents in regards to Momotaz Begum’s case has false, fabricated and artificially created. Subsequently, we filed an application to call the General registrar of the Momotaz Begum’s case for record. That could be way to find out, whether any case had been filed by Momotaz Begum in 1972 or are the documents submitted by the defence are false or not. The court also rejected our petition to call the documents for record. Keeping our full honor and respect to the court, we are stating that, we have been shocked at this court’s order. Because, we think all chances should be sort out to define the innocence or the guilt of a death convicted person. We also think that, before coming to a decision about Sayedee’s involvement in Ibrahim Kutti’s murder, the Court should call the document from Pirojpur district court for record. It would be peeps question in people’s mind about the Court’s denial of our petition. In the worldly life, the apex court is the last shelter for the people. After the apex court, people have no place to seek justice. The countrymen truly expect that, there should be no gap in proving innocence of a death convicted person in the apex court of the country.
The allegation of killing Bishabali and the incident of abducting Shukhranjan Bali:
Another allegation against Allama Sayedee was murdering Bishabali. The tribunal awarded death penalty to Maulana Sayedee with this charge. Shukhranjan Bali is the younger brother of Bishabali. He was primarily a prosecution witness. The prosecution also adopted the strategy of forgery in dealing witness and claimed him as fugitive and missing. They disclosed their incapacity to produce him before the tribunal. But we produced him before the tribunal on 5th November 2012 and the law enforcers abducted him on the same day from the tribunal gate. According to an investigative report published on last 16th May in English Daily ‘New Age’, the detective branch people had abducted him and sent him to India. Right now he is imprisoned in an Indian jail.
Prior to be abducted, Shujhranjan Bali gave interview with various media and utterly claimed that Allama Sayedee was not involved with the murder of his brother Bishabali. He wanted to go to the tribunal to place true testimony. But the prosecution forced him to deliver false statement. This is why; he declined to come as prosecution witness. Bali further informed that, his brother Bishabali was picked by the Rajakars while he was ailed. Allama Sayedee did not come with that Rajakar team. He could identify Sayedee if he came with them. He also testified that, the father-in-law of Allama Sayedee had a business of fabrics and cloths in the Parer Hat Bazar and consequently, he had known Allama Sayedee since then.
Skype scandal:
Since the beginning, we have been stating that we would not get justice from the tribunal as it is not fair and cannot conduct the trial proceedings independently. Finally our claim became substantiated following the skype scandal. Following the reveal of this scam, it became clear to the people that, how the former chairman of the tribunal Justice Nizamul Hoq Nasim made a falsehood and farce in the name of trial. He put a stigma upon the face of the judiciary.
Safe house scam:
On 20th March of 2012, the prosecution submitted a list of 46 witnesses claiming that they are not capable to produce these personnel any more. As reasons, the prosecution referred that many of these witnesses have gone missing and homeless due to terror acts of Sayedee’s supporters, or became sick or lost their memories. They also appealed to accept the statement of these witnesses what they had delivered before the investigation officer. Subsequently, the tribunal accepted the testimony of 15 witnesses. We have submitted the relevant documents to claim that, the reasons what have been referred by the prosecution is totally false. Even in that list of 46 witnesses, there were renowned personnel like Advocate Ali Haider Khan or magician Jewel Aich. They are living in Dhaka but they had not been summoned for once to appear before the tribunal. Without pursuing them, the prosecution revealed their incapacity before the tribunal.  
The tribunal accepted the testimony of 15 witness under 19 (2) section of the International Crimes (Tribunal) Act. We also had said about these personnel. We briefed that, most of them had been brought earlier in the safe house in Dhaka. But they are not being produced before the tribunal ultimately as they declined to testify as per the instruction of the prosecution. 
We have submitted the documents of the safe house in the tribunal which substantiated our claim that, many of the witnesses had been brought in Dhaka and they stayed in the safe house. Which witnesses had came to the safe house, how much they stayed, what they ate, wherever they went or in which houses they resided, we have submitted all these facts along with documents and evidences in the tribunal. The defence lawyers also submitted a dairy of the safe home which contains all the information of the witnesses who had visited the safe house. Despite that, the tribunal did not reject their statement and referred those statements in the judgment to prove the so called guilt of the accused. We also stated in the tribunal that, the statement which had been submitted in the tribunal as the statement of the witness is nothing but a concocted story prepared by the investigation officer himself in order to prove Maulana Sayedee guilty.
I am reiterating that Allama Sayedee is totally innocent. The government is mulling to convict my husband just to attain their ill political interest.
The people of Pirojpur district have secured the victory of our son Masood Sayedee in the Upazila election held on 23rd March by providing him a landslide victory and proved that all the allegations which had been brought against Allama Sayedee is false and fabricated. I want immediate release of my innocent husband and seeking the prayer of the countrymen for his blessings.”