Friday, 24th January, 2020
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Last words of Abdul Quader Molla for his family
Thursday, 12 December 2013
After receiving the notification letter, the family members want to Dhaka central jail at 8 pm to meet him. At that time, Abdul Quader Molla informed his family that, he is not informed of anything about his much talked about execution. His medical check up and other formalities are not completed. He was acknowledged from his family men that the family is being invited by the prison authority to meet him for last occasion.
At that time, Abdul Quader Molla stated his family men that, I was your guardian. If this government would kill me unlawfully, that will be a death of martyrdom. Following my martyrdom, Almighty Allah will be your guardian. HE is better guardian. So you have nothing to be worried.
I am absolutely innocent. I am being murdered as I am involved with the Islamic movement. The death in martyrdom is not bestowed in everyone’s fate. If Almighty Allah blesses me with martyrdom, I would consider myself as the luckiest. The martyrdom will be the best achievement of my life. My every single blood will mobilize the Islamic movement and will bring the doom of the autocrats. I am not worried for myself. I am worried about the fate of this nation and the Islamic movement. To my knowledge, I have not committed any mistakes or offences. I have sacrificed my entire life for the Islamic movement. I have never bow down my head before irregularities, will never do by the grace of Almighty Allah. No question is raised of seeking mercy or life before any worldly authority. Allah is the only deciding authority of life and death. Allah will fix my fate. I will not be executed as per the decision of any individual. My time and date of martyrdom will be finalized as per the decision of Almighty Allah. I will accept the decision of Almighty Allah in any cases. 
To the family members, he further stated that, you will keep patience. The blessings and forgiveness of Almighty Allah will be ensured through patience and tolerance. Only the salvation in the Akhirah is our only desire. I am seeking prayer and support of the people for acceptance of my martyrdom. I am saluting the countrymen for their support and blessings.