Wednesday, 28th October, 2020
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Lord Avebury urges government not to carry out the sentence of Abdul Quader Molla
Monday, 09 December 2013
It is reported in the Bangladesh Daily Star that a warrant for the execution of Quader Mollah, a defendant in the war crimes trials, has been issued and that the Attorney-General says he is not entitled to a review by the Supreme Court, since Article 105 of the Constitution does not apply to convictions by the war crimes Tribunal. If this is correct, it also means that the 21 days which normally has to elapse between the rejection of a petition for review under Article 105 and the execution itself also does not apply in the case of a person convicted by the Tribunal.

If this is the construction of the laws by the Bangladesh government, the way is open for Mr Mollah to be executed immediately. I am urgently calling the Bangladesh authorities not to carry out this sentence.