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Tribunal gave Language soldier Professor Ghulam Azam 90 years imprisonment.
Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
The International Criminal Tribunal -1 gave Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and former language soldier 90-years presentment in the case of so called crimes against humanity.  Tribunal gave this verdict by mentioning that every allegation of total 5 types in 61count has been brought against him and every allegation has been proved.
Tribunal gave ten years punishment in first and second allegations and in third and fourth allegations 20 years and in five allegations 30 years. At the beginning of the announcement of the verdict Tribunal Chairman Justice ATM Fazle Kabir mentioned in introduction there is no importance of oral testimony.
These all are documentary evidence. Prosecution has submitted the cutting paper of 1971 and 1971. It is available here of meeting with President Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan.
It would be better if they submitted some documents. The print of Newspaper may be wrong many times. For this reason the reference of book can be given. Because, book is written after a long time of incident. There is no proof that Professor Ghulam Azam was personally not involved with any crime and nobody made crime in the direction of him. We took about three months to give verdict.
We saw many books including the documentary of liberation of war.  Only one set book is available for two tribunals.  We\'ve collected from the document. Professor Ghulam Azam was completely normal at the time of the announcement of the verdict.
For this reason he took Tribunal prison from PG hospital yesterday morning. He gets on court-room by wheel chair before announcing verdict. That tine he was natural.
He heard about the verdict from his lawyer Saifur Rahman. He did not say any word to Journalists. Tribunal mentioned that Ghulam Azam is eligible for higher punishment.
He is responsibvle for all. He was actively involved with the formation of Peace Committee, Razaker, and Al- Badar. He could prevent his followers from crimes as an Ameer.
But he did not do this. His years are 91. So this verdict was given. The tribunal recommended to government that the anti-liberation people should not give any kind of public job on behalf of government. Tribunal said in the verdict mentioning Jamaat as a Criminal Organization that they opposed liberation war collectively in 1971.
The group has opposed the creation of Pakistan in 1947 and the group has opposed the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. Total 5 allegations in 61 count against him has been brought like plane with Pakistani forces, 6 conspired related allegations, 3 cooperation related allegations, 28 instigated related allegations including 1 killing conspiracy.
Tribunal mentioned that all the allegations have been proven beyond doubt. Tribunal mentioned that he will suffer this punishment with constantly. Three judges read the synopsis of the verdict.
They read the verdict from 11:15 am to 1:55 Pm. the Tribunal Chairman; Justice ATM Fazle Kabir read the main part of the verdict. The allegations against Professor Ghulam Azam are that planning and conspiracy with Pakistani forces, cooperation, inciting, and involvement in the killing, not prevent from torture and torture personally.
The first allegation given by tribunal against him is the allegation of conspiracy. Six incidents of these kinds of allegation are mentioned. Among the six allegations one is that Ghulam Azam, Nurul Ameen, maulabhi Farid Ahmed, Khawaja khayeruddin, AKM Shafiqul Islam, maolana Nuruzzaman, hamidula Haque Chowdhury, Mohasin Uddin Ahmed, including Sadi 12 members conspired to meet to Tikka Khan for forming citizen peace commi9ttee on 4 April. 
Ghulam Azam again met with Tikka Khan and took part in conspiracy. Ghulam Azam made a high-level meeting with Pakistani President Yahya Khan in 19 June in Rawal Pindi.
He advised him ro increase Razaker forces. It is said in the second verdict Ghulam Azam planned for crimes against humanity. It is mentioned here about three incidents.
One is meeting with Tikka Khan on April 4 and forming 140 based member’s citizen peace committee on 09 April, on 04 May the meeting of peace committee is held in the house of Shafiqul Islam presided by Khawaja khayeruddin.  Ghulam Azam was present there.
It is said in the three allegations about the incidents of 28. Among them Ghulam Azam mentioned liberty-loving people as an Indian intruder and declared that they will be destroyed wherever they get on 7 April. On 22 April Ghulam Azam called upon to destroy the miscreants mentioning as a patriotic his followers. 
On 17 April Ghulam Azam praised \'Operation Searchlight\' mentioning freedom fighters traitors\' and anti-state activities\'. He delivered irritant speeches against freedom fighters in 16 July Rajshahi, 18 July Brahmanbaria, 4 August Khulna, Kushtia 7 August.
He delivered irritant speeches against freedom fighters at the occasion of Azadi day on 14 August at Dhaka University Karjon Hall in 17 and 23 August and at the occasion of parties on 26 August. He called upon to be arms them by visiting Mohammadpur Physical Education Center Razaker camp. He delivered the same irritant speeches on 3 October in Majlis-e Shura meeting.
It is said in the fourth allegations about 23 charges that Ghula Azom including others assured Tikka Khan on 4 and 6 April. Citizen peace committee is formed in the assistance of Ghulam Azam on 9 April and on 15 April it changed to central opeace committee.
He was a member of the Executive Committee. Ghulam Azam said in Lahore Airport on 18 June that people wants to help with military. He met to President Yahya Khan and called upon to Razaker, Al-Badar to help military to prevent freedom fighters.
He said at press conference in West Pakistan office that miscreants are active and we should be arms to prevent them. It is said in the five allegations one incident. It is said in it that Siru Mia was a sub- inspector of Homna Mohammadpur police station in Comilla.
He went to his own house with his wife and 14 years old son when liberation war starts. There Shiru Mia helped refugee to move India. Razakers caught him with his son and six refugees. They sent to Brahmanbaria Jail after torture. Shiru Mia communicates with Ghulam Azam. The brother-in-law of Shiru Mia was a teacher of Ghulam Azam;s two son. He requested Ghulam Azam to release them.
Ghulam Azam sent a letter to peace committee leader Peyara Mia. It is charged that Ghulam Azam directed to kill them. They killed them near to Poirotolla Bridge. One person is alive. Tribunal said about killing five persons that Jamaat Ameer Ghulam Azam could release them. But he did not do that.
Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchoo, Muntasir Mamun, Anwar Hossain were present at the court.

Ghulam Azam was not involved with any crime during 1971- the Chairman of the Tribunal.

Shahed Motiur Rahman:
Tribunal Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir said before all persons at court-room before announcing verdict that Professor Ghulam Azam was not directly involved with any crime during 1971.
Ghulam Azam was not present during occurring incident. We did not get such a proof that any incident occurred in the direction of him. The Chairman said, today we are judging the trial against former Jamaat Ameer Ghulam Azam as a superior command.
International Crimes Tribunal-1 commented that the case of Professor Ghulam Azam is an exceptional case. Three judges of tribunal get on court room at 10:45 am. Then tribunal chairman said that it is an exceptional case.
The Chairman said that we will declare the trial against whose he is well-famed person. He observed as an East Pakistan Jamaat Ameer. He also was a prominent leader of peace committee.
Chairman of the tribunal said that there is no allegation against him that he was director of incident. He was not present at the incident. The Chairman said the proof given by prosecution is not enough.
The allegation will be proved based no documentary proof. Tribunal said more that we conducted other case but it is an exceptional case. There was direct allegation against others but there was no direct allegation against Ghulam Azam. But all the responsibilities of his followers are his. Prosecution submitted the documentary proof.
There is Newspaper clippings. We think that the paper submitted by prosecution, it would be better to submit more papers. We did not get reference book. Only the book of liberation war has been submitted. We needed more information.