Friday, 04th December, 2020
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Fundamental fairness must maintain.
Friday, 12 July 2013
Wednesday, July 10, 2013.
Former attorney general Mahmudul Islam agreed by saying that the amendment of the law of International Crimes Tribunal will be applicable in the case of Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mullah. He said so far as the law of the Tribunal has been given to the effectiveness of retrospective. The law was created after the offense. He said about the law the law of the 1973 Act will be applicable in the case. If there is ambiguity, void or the interpretation it is allowed to take for consideration. Supreme Court has been given super power according to 104 Act of constitution. If it is said nothing in the law, Supreme Court can give the necessary orders or instructions for the interest of justice. But after all fundamental fairness must maintain. He said it in the hearing by participating as an Amicus Kuri. Three Amicus Kuri’s statement is completed. Barrister Azamalul Hossain kiusi presented his speech after Mahmudul Islam. Mahmudul Islam said the war crimes trial has been other countries of world including Nuremberg, Tokyo. But it has been not in the national law. The trial has been among Charter Convention. He presented example of various countries’ verdict during his speech. Whether criminal activities law will be applicable in the case of crimes against humanity. Mahmudul Islam said in response to a question no. fundamental criminal Jurisprudence has to follow. Barrister M Amirul Isalm presented his unfinished speech before Mahmudul Islam. Barrister M Amirul Isalm said International Crimes trial law had been amended in a special event in 1973. Supreme Court is the best place to settle if any dispute arises in a civilized society. Earlier Barrister Rafique -ul- Haque presented his speech as an Amicus Kuri.