Saturday, 15th August, 2020
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Investigation Agency charged six allegations against ATM Ajharul Islam in the allegation of Crimes against humanity.
Friday, 12 July 2013
TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2013.
International Crimes Tribunal investigation agency charged six complaints against Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General ATM Azharul Islam in the allegation of Crimes against humanity. Murder, genocide, torture, rape, looting and arson are available among allegations. Abdul Hannan Khan, coordinator of the investigation officer told that we have finished investigation against ATM Azharul Islam. They submitted it to Prosecution. It is said on the investigation that the allegation against him is 1 thousand 25 hundred people killed in Rangpur region, 4 people killed, 17 people’s abduction, one rape and arson in many houses. The investigation Officials said in 1971 when liberation war starts Azhar was a eleventh class students in Rangpur Carmichael College and the president of Chattra Sanga in Rangpur branch. He also leads Al- Badar forces. Investigation officer heard from More than 60 people at the time of investigation. But they made witnesses7 people in the report. It is said in the report ATM Azharul tortured 11 people including one of organizer of liberation war and Bhashani (NAP) leader and prominent lawyer AY Mahfuz Ali from 24 March to 27 March in 1971. It is said in the second allegation that he killed 15 innocent people in 16 April 1971. It said in the third allegations that he killed more than 200 hundred people in the same year in 17 April.  It said in the fourth allegations 4 professors and the wife of a professor of Rangpur Carmichael College was killed by shooting. It said in the fifth allegations the women were raped by taking from various region of Rangpur in town Hall. It said in the sixth allegations a person of Rangpur town were tortured in the middle of November. It said in the press briefing investigation officer began to investigation from 15 April 2012 against him. It took three month 11 days.