Friday, 29th May, 2020
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Two Amicus Kuri agreed that revised appeal will be applicable in the case of Abdul Quader Mullah.
Wednesday, 10 July 2013
Tuesday, July 09, 2013.

The hearing of special lawyers appointed as Amicus Kuri starts in the case of Jamaat- e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mullah. Last Monday Barrister Rafique - ul – Haque and Barrister M Amirul Islam expressed their views firs day. They said that amended appeal will be applicable for Abdul Kader Mollah. Chief Justice Mohammad Mozammel Hossain led a five-member bench took the hearing. Barrister Rafique - ul - Haque sent a written statement of 25 pages without presenting court and Advocate Wahid Uddin reads the statement. Later Barrister Amirul Islam starts his 55-pages written statement. At the end of the first day’s hearing Barrister Amirul Islam said to Journalists Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh wanted to know two things from us. Whether, the amended appeal which amended last 18 February will be applicable for Abdul Kader Mollah. I expressed my opinion about by saying yes. The question was that whether customary international law will be applicable. I said yes. It holds the law of 1973. It is said in the law. Our law will hold that law which has been made Ruanda and Combodia centered war crimes. We signed the Convention. We are holding international law among it. On the other hand Barrister Rafique - ul -Haque raised a question that customary international is not necessary in this trial. Barrister Rafique - ul –Haque mentioned in his written statement it has been given protection in Constitution of Bangladesh 47/3 from being illegal if it is inconsistence with Bangladesh Constitution. Even it won’t be said illegal if amended law of 1/2 in 2013is inconsistence with Bangladesh Constitution. The government can appeal through the law. The law of tribunal against verdict was that the defense party can appeal. The state wings cannot. If the accused is given released, state wings can appeal. Otherwise not. Shabagh centered movement raises whenever Abdul Quader Mullah was given life time punishment. The court asked Attorney General that whether this example is in Bangladesh. But state wings cannot give a satisfactory answer. So they appointed Amicus Kury.