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12th witness did not see any incident: he could not remember that any case was filed against Nizami after war.
Tuesday, 09 July 2013
Monday, July 08, 2013.
A doctor working in the hospital Central Prison hospital 12 witness Rathindranath has given testimony against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and former minister Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami. Rathindranath has admitted that the case was filed against Al-Badar, Al- Shams and Razaker during war in samthiya, Pabna Sadar and including Beramara. But he cannot say clearly no case was filed against Nizami. He did not remind that whether the picture of Nizami was published in the Newspaper in 1971 mentioning Nizami as an Al- Badar. He has heard from his nearest relatives. He did not witness any incident. Prosecutor Mohammad Ali took his deposition. Later Advocate Mizanul Islam asked him question. Advocate Tazul Islam, Manjur Ahmed Ansari and Asad Uddin said helps him. But full deposition was not held yesterday because of not telling witness’s name though it is the rule.
The deposition of witness in in the below…………..
My name is Rathindranath Kundu. My age is approximately 58 years. I passed SSC in 1968, HSC in 1970 and MBBS in 1984. I joined as a IST in 22-02 1984. I joined as a health sub center in 14-07 1985. I joined in the prison department in 02-06-1991. In 1985 I went to brother-in-law’s house Anil Kundu in Nilfamari. I heard from that in 1970 Anil Kundu and his friends went to Pani Ghata for training because of torturing on behalf of Razaker including Nizami. The Razakers incinerated his house in the direction of Nizami. One day Anil and his groups were patrolling in Isamoti River. Anil trapped for catching Nizam’s nephew because of incinerating his house by Nizami. Anil knew it well that Nizam’s nephew was addicted to girls. For this reason he wore his daughter’s dress and wandering beside Isamoti River. It occurred in the end of August in 1971. Nizam’s nephew was patrolling in the Isamoti River. Nizam’s nephew challenged that there is a girl in that boat. So he got in to the boat. Then Anil and his colleagues hugged him. Then they killed Nizam’s nephew. Baten is taken to Sonatola because of killing Nizam’s nephew and killed him. It occurred at the end of September in 1971. At the end of September in 1971 I met to my childhood friend Swapon. He informed me that our teacher Moalana Kasim Uddin and another two people were taken to the Rast by Jip. He saw in the Jip Nizami in 1971 10 June.
The deposition in the below ……………
Q: What is your date of birth?
A: 1-1-1954.
Q: What did you do after HSC?
A: I was admitted at Pabna Edward College BSC.
Q: Who was president and secretary of BCL at Pabna Edward College in 1971.
A: I can not remember.
Q: Can you say the names of BCL leaders in that time?
A: Suhrab uddin Suba, Abdus Sattar lalu, Rafiqul Islam Bakul, Isarat Ali Jinnah.
Q: Had other organization and activities in the time?
A: Student Union (Menon), student union (Matia) and Islamic Chatra Songh
Q: can you tell Chattra Songh leaders?
A: I can not think ofremember at the moment.
Q: Where were you live?
A:  with my parents
Q: Did you know Pabna town Shalgari area?
A: Yes.
Q: Where was bus stand at Pabna in 1971?
A: Pabna Sadar Hospital’s Gopalpur area.
Q: Pakistan Army was entered in the town Pabna on April 9, 1971.
A: I do not know.
Q: Pakistan army was entered in the Pabna town
in the Nagarbari Gha.t
A: Yes.
Q: The Army were live before come them?
A: Dhak Banglo.
Q: They were to gathered?
A: I do not know
Q: Dhak banglo how far from your home town?
A: 4. K. M
Q: Where were you lived From March 25 to 29 March ?
A: I was at my home’s Dilalpur.
Q: Did you held killing at Pabna town From March 25 to March 29 ?
A: No war, but war was in preparation. Nurul Kadir was led as a commissioner.
Q: Did you join in that time?
A: Yes,
Q: Who were  training at Pabna District School Ghats?
A: kasimuddin Sir, Bakul vi and others
 Q: Did you see EPR members ?
A: I can not remember.
Q: Where was office of NSF in the Pabna town?
A: I can not remember at the moment.
Q: Where was office of students union (Menon) in the Pabna?
A: I do not remember.
Q: Where was office of Chatra Sangh in the Pabna town?
A: I do not remember
Q: Where was office of BCL in the Pabna town?
A: I know,  Pabna office.
Q: did you know about Matiur Rahman Nizami in 1971?
A: I do not remember.
Q: when was you admitted at Medical College as a student ?
Answer: In 1976, was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College.
Q: Where were you live before Medical admission?
Answer: In 1971, after achieving victory is out of the country. back in 1974, In 1976, was admitted in the medical college.
Q: After achieving victory in 1971, Did field a case against war criminals?
A  : Yes.
Q:  where were filed case against Motiur Rahman Nizami?
A: I do not remember.
Q: Did you see in any newspaper statement so that Motiur Rahman Nizami as a Al-Badr forces chief from 26 March1971 to 16 December, 1971.
A: I can not remember.