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Witness Advocate Nannu saw Nizami at the age of 13 months in Boyalmari Madrasa (religious institution).
Sunday, 30 June 2013
Friday, June 28, 2013.
State wings’11th witnesses against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami Advocate Shamsul Haque nannu saw him from 4 miles away at the age of 13months in Boyalmari Madrasha. Though it is ridiculous, he mentioned it in his deposition that his is 60 years. His date of birth is 10/11/1953 according to National Identity Card and the SSC certificate. According to it his age was 60 years in 1955. He mentioned it in his deposition that Nizami studied in Boyalmari Madrasha and from than he knew him. How is it possible to one person from 4 miles away? This ridiculous information has been from his mouth. Advocate Mizanul Islam asked him question in the presence of Justice ATM Fazle Kabir and other members of the Tribunal of Justice Anwarul Haque.

Yesterday\'s cross-examination is given in the below in the form question- answer.:
Q: do you know who controlled Nagar Bari Ferighat in 1971.
A: The military.
Q: The same word is for Aricha Ghats.
A: Yes.

Q: Where is the house of Sekandar?
A: In our Salgariya village.
Q: from whom he came to know about meeting?
A: tea shopkeeper.
Q: who were else without Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami, portable, Maulana Ishaque Rafikunnabi Babalu in the cells?
A: I could not remember. But the people of Islami Chattra Sanga and Muslim League were.
Q: FROM 7 March including 4 to 25 March full Pabna city was under control by non-cooperation movement was.
A: partly.
A: where was the location of the army in Pabna town till 27 March 1971?
Q: where was the location of Pabna District administrator\'s office?

A: I could not remember.
Q: how far was the Alia Madrasha from telephone exchange?
A: approximately half a kilometer.
Q: BSCIC area was out of Pabna town.
A: I could not say.
Q: is BSCIC area and Alia Madrasha still same position?
A: yes.
Q: who controlled non-cooperation movement since the beginning 25 March in 1971?
A: Basically Chatra League.
Q: where wear you after getting Mansur Ali Sahib’s phone?
A: Pabna town.
Q: The office of Chatra League is in Pabna?
A: yes.
Q: Where were you?
A: Edward College.
Q: how far was the Alia Madrasha from Edward College?
A: 250 yards.
Q:  when did you go to your house after 11 April?
A:       I could not say.
Q: where were you then?
A: government Ambulance.
Q: you went to Dab Bagan directly from Nagar Bari?
A:     I could not say.
Q: were you not in Pabna from 11 March to  and 28 April?
A: then I was ambushing in Nagar Bari.
Q: were you in Dab Bagan from 12 to 19 April.
A: I could not say.
Q: from whom did you hear about firing?
A: I have seen it from the roof of Horen.
Q:  how far was the Salgaria from your house?
A: 50/55 kilometer.
Q: whose house was to your north side?
A: Afzal Hossain Titu.
Q: and south.
A: field.
Q: west.
A: road.
Q: east.
A: Sarder house.
Q: who were else in your house?
A: mother, brother, sister, father.
Q: is any Advocate of your third wife\'s brother?
A:  I do not know.
Q: How long were you with your second wife?
A: 25 years.
Q: didn’t you know about your wife’s brothers and sister?
A: I was in foreign.
Q: your first is in alive?
A: I have heard dead.
Q: what do your first wife’s son?
A: probably business.
Q: do you know Advocate KM Hamidur Rahman?
A: no.
Q: do you know Pabna notary AKM Shamsul Huda?
A: I do not remember.
Q: were your any sources to look after Pakistan Army\'s movements?
A: yes
Q: tell their name
A: Abdur Rashid.
Q: where was your position from Ferry Ghat?
A: I was there.
Q: tell two observative persons?
A: I do not remember.
Q: from when peace committee was formed and who was president and secretary?
A: I do not remember.
Q: where was the peace committee’s office?
A: I do not remember.
Q; did you know Getu Razaker?
A: yes
Q: where was his house?
A: in Sal Garia.
Q: did you know Noksal Baten?
A:  He was a Maoist.
Q: did you know that Nizami Shaib got Doble promotion during studying in Boyalmari Madrasha.
A: no.
Q: where was Shahid Jamiron’s village?
A: I do not know.
Q: what was her husband’s name?
A: I do not know.
Q: what was the gate of entering Pakistan army?
A: not definite.
Q: how many people were living there?
A: I do not know.
Q: Are their relatives alive?
A: yes.
Q: where is the house of Benu Roy?
A: Demra.
Q: did you go there regularly?
A: yes.
Q: how far was road to the house of Benu Roy?
A: I guess300 yards.
Q: You said in your deposition about your age is 60 years. How old are you according to your National ID, Passport, SSC certificate
A: I cannot say.
Q: what is your date of birth according to certificate?
A: I did not bring it.
Q: your date of birth is 10/11/1953. You have secret it willingly.
A: it is not true.
Q: did you abduct on behalf of DGFI before taking deposition.
A:  It is not true.
Q: you met to Prime Minister before giving deposition to investigating officer?
A: it is not true.
Q: your son was attacked during parliamentary elections by opposition party.
A: it is not true.
Q: your son was deployed for ASP during this government.
A: yes.
Q: you said in an interview on TV and Media that Nizami was not involved in any incident of 1971.
A: it is not true.
Q: Senior Advocate AKM Hamidur Rahman identified your affidavit.
A: It is not true.
Q: you are giving deposition involving Nizami by direction of high-ranking leaders as you are involved with Awami League politics.
A: It is not true.