Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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appeal‘s hearing of Quader Mullah: 7 Emikas kiuri deployed in the question of government’s appeal with retrospective validity.
Saturday, 22 June 2013
Friday, June 21, 2013.
Whether the retrospective effectiveness of the Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Molla’s revised appeal will be applicable, Appellate Division of the Supreme Court will take views of senior seven lawyers asking for legal explanation. Appellate Division assigned Emikas kiuri because of not being satisfied in the logic of Attorney General on behalf of Prosecution. The court wanted to know to Attorney General that revised appeal of Quader Mullah will be applicable last Tuesday. Then Attorney General answered yes. You have to remember that it will be implemented from 2009. The court deployed Emikas kiuri to be clearer. Seven emikasa kiuri are former Judge TH Khan, Barrister Rafique - ul- Haque, Barrister M Amir- ul-Islam, former Attorney General Mahmudul Islam, Barrister Rukan Uddin Mahmud, Barrister Ajamalul Hossasin kiusi and former Attorney General AF Hassan Arif. Movement causes centered Shabagh from 5 February demanding death sentence of Quader Mullah. In this perspective appeal related article is amended in the Parliament on 18 February. According to the law both will get same opportunity. Before wings party has no opportunity to appeal. Attorney General Mahbub-e- Alam told to the reporters after the order that is a question has risen about Quader Mullah. Attorney General Mahbub-e-Alam said at the hearing according to 47 (3) Section of Constitution for war crimes that there is option to challenge. He said that the appeal against Quader Mullah will be implemented and appeal will go on. The court wants to know the views of senior lawyers in response to question. Criminal case and the testimony of the trial and deposition will not be implemented in this case. Which I prayed to court about life time punishment is till death. He will stay in jail until he is dead. He said 5 allegations have been proved. We want death sentence.   Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha asked question Attorney General repeatedly that you show an example about retrospective effectiveness. Attorney General did not show it. A question has risen about the violation of accused’s rights. Because Abdul Quader Mullah was not given death sentence while there is a law to give death sentence. So a question rises about the violation of accused’s rights when the law amends with a view to hang. Justice Abdul Owahab Mian said to Attorney General if we accept your application, he has to give death sentence.