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Muhammad Kamaruzzaman’s son reacts: How can be Al-Badr leader of 18-years old and HSC examinee?
Sunday, 12 May 2013
Friday, May 10, 2013
Muhammad Kamaruzzaman’s son Iqbal Hasan Wali (33) immediately protest against verdict of his death penalty against      so called crimes against humanity of assistant secretary general Jamaat -e- Islam. In response to the ruling, he said, how have given verdict by the court we do not know. In that time he was 18 years old. I have no idea about the responsibility of senior leadership on the immature man.
How will be a leader of HSC examinee? Unjustifiable accusations are against him. This verdict is unfounded. Kamaruzzaman son also said the allegations have brought about lecturer Abdul Hannan’s torture against him in the Charge No. – II, this Hannan is alive still now. He is healthy in his Sherpur home. He was not brought to the Tribunal.
It has been accepted in written deposition. He said never that Muhammad Kamaruzzaman was not involved in the torture. We have interviewed. Hasan Iqbal demands that he did not speak to teach him so the Tribunal does not bring him. He said,\'\' we\'ve uploaded Hannan speech to the Internet nation will see from here. Hasan Iqbal said my father name was not involved before 2010 in the charges number 3. We have not seen in any history. After investigation by the investigation officer and prosecution they find out the witness name.
He said, tribunal has given life punishment to my father allegations of Badiuzzaman’s murder. But when his family was submitted litigation then my father was not charged. But now he is accused.  He said when the judge read the verdict then he said bad comments against Jamaat. We did not expect it. Then suppose that is a trial of Jamaat. This verdict has established to forbid Jamaat. He said, we knew that we will not get justice at the tribunal. Lawyers said us a same thing .but my father said us depends on God. International CrimesTribunal-2 has verdict death penalty against Kamaruzzaman by 7 complaints but 5 have proven.