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The verdict of Muzahid’s is any day.
Saturday, 08 June 2013
Thursday, 06 June, 2013.
The verdict of Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General and former Minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid’s case Crimes against humanity will be announced any day. The International Criminal Tribunal -2 gives order on last Wednesday after completion of last step’s arguments. Prosecutor Turin Afroz presented closing statements as counter-arguments in response to defense arguments. Three-member tribunal headed by Chairman Justice Obaidul Hasan puts it waiting for the verdict any day. Mention that prosecutor TurinAfroz and Mukhlesur Rahman Badal presented state wing’s arguments from last May to 16 May Tuesday and Wednesday in total 6 working days. Principal lawyer of Muzahid Barrister Abdur Razzak, lawyer, Counsel Munshi Ahsan Kabir and lawyers Mizanur Rahman presented arguments from May 22 to 4 June.

A series of case.
Ali Ahsan Mohammad muzahid was arrested on 29 June 2010 in the case of the allegations of giving hurt in religious sentiments. He was shown arrest on that 2 August on charges of crimes against humanity. Prosecution submitted Formal charges of the total six thousand 680 pages including 34 several incidents of 109 pages against Muzahid on charges of crimes against humanity16 January. The allegation against Muzahid was brought on the charge of involvement with killing activities of humanity murder, looting, arson, killing, and mass killing including intellectual killing in Faridpur Dhaka including across the country during war. The tribunal takes this formal charge on 26 January. Chairman of the Tribunal-1 justice Nizamul Haque transferred the case in second tribunal on 25 April. Last year 21 June tribunal -1 comprised 7 charges against Muzahid. Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu prosecutor Mukhlesur Rahman Badal and Mir Iqbal Hussain presented opening statement of 29 pages against Muzahid on last 19 July. 17 witnesses of state wings including investigation officer gave testimony against Muzahid. Witnesses were- author Sahriyar Kabir, Jahir uddin Jalal or Bichu Jalal, journalist Mahbub Kamal, the son of the journalist Siraj Uddin Hossain Shaheen Reza Noor, Rustama Ali Mollah, Abdul Malek Miah, Ranjit Kumar Nath or Babu Nath, Mir Luthfor Rahaman, AKM Habibul Haque Monno, Fayej Uddin Ahmed, Chittaranjan Saha and Sakti Saha. The witness of list of regulated were- Bengali Academic assistant librarian Ejab Uddin, head of the museum and the National Museum Amena Khatun and the secretary of National Museum Swapan Kumar. On the other hand his younger sonAli Ahmad Mabrur gives Cleaning evidence on behalf of Muzahid on 5 May.

7 charges against Mujahid
The allegation are available against Muzahid- the journalist Siraj Uddin killing, general people killing, mass- killng, arson, looting and compelled to leave the country ETC. It is said in first allegation Executive Editor of the Daily Ettafak Siraj Uddin Hossain was abducted on 10 December from Cameli Bagh. Later he was not found. It is said in second allegations one day Pakistani army and Razakers incinerated about 300 and 350 hundred houses of Hindus in several villages in Char Bhadrasan police station in Faridpur district leaded by Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid in May of 1971. It is said in three allegations Ranjit Babu Nath was detained by Razakers in front of Khabash Pur town mosque in Faridpur in some day first week of May in 1971. It is said in four allegations- Md. Abu Yusuf or Pakhi was detained by Razakers on suspicion of the freedom fighter from Alam Danga in Faridpur district at morning 26 July 1971. It is said in five allegations- Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid including Pakistan Islamic Chattra Sanga president Motiur Rahman Rahman Nizami goes to old hostel of Pakistan Army camp at Nakhal Para in Dhaka 30 August 1971 at morning. It is said in six allegations- the occupying Pakistan army camp was created at Mohammadpur Physical Training Institute in Dhaka after 27 March of 1971. It is said in seven allegations- Razakers forces attacked on Hindu community in Bok Char village in kotoyali police station in Faridpur directed by Ali Ahsan Mohammed Muzahid in 13 May 1971. Birendra Saha, Upen Saha, Ranjan Das, Niradbandhu Mitra Prafulla Mitra were detained. Anil saha were compelled to leave the country.