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Tofazzal Master did not charge Maulana Nizami directly that he was involved in crimes against humanity.
Wednesday, 05 June 2013
MONDAY, 03 JUNE, 2013.
Tofazzal master has given deposition against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and former Minister Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami. He did not complain such kinds of allegation against Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami that he was involved in crime against humanity during 1971. Prosecutor Mohammad Ali presented Tofazzal mastar as a 10 numbers witness at tribunal-1 in the presence of Justice Jahangir Hossain and Justice Anwarul Haque leased by Chairman Justice ATM Fazle Kabir last Sunday. Though there is a role to give the name of witness, they did not do it. Defense lawyer Advocate Mizanul Islam said about it that we are not prepared for this deposition of witness. He prayed for preparatory time for deposition. The Tribunal granted it later. The other person of defense Advocate Tajul Islam, Manjur Ahammed Ansari, Barrister Najib Momen, Matiur Rahman Akand and Asad Uddin were present there and in favor of the Government Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu, prosecutor Mir Iqbal Hussain were present there.

The deposition of 10 No witnesses is in the below.
My name is Mohammad Tofazzal Hossain Master. My age is 74/75 years. My address is- Village – konabariy, PS – samthiya, district- Pabna. My current house is located in front of the upozilla Council. My main home is located in Dhopadaha Union where Motiur Rahman Nizami lives. The village of accused Motiur Rahman Nizami is Manmathapur and my village is Khan Mohammadpur. I and Motiur Rahman Nizami would study same class at boyailmari madrasa. I\'ve passed BA in 1964. Later I achieved B.P.AD degree in 1966. I started to teach since 1965 at Samthiya pilot high school. I had to teach the same school in 1971 during war. In the middle of 1971 it was announced to close the school because Razaker camp will be settled here. Razaker camp was inaugurated in this school mid-May. I could not go to school but I have seen from far that Motiur Rahman Nizami, Maulana Abdus including Maolana Ishak 100/150 Razaker were present there during inaugurating. At the end of the meeting, those who came out from meeting I came to know from them that those who act for liberation war catch them and encourage youth to be admitted to rajaker. In July I went to kecuyadanga camp in India. After going there I met to Professor Abu Sayeed. Professor Abu Sayeed elected as a M. N. A in our area in the election of 1970. He said me that we need you to organize guerrilla war. You’re a teacher; you have many students, you go inside, and organize them. Then I backed to my village and involved myself in the organization. In In September 1971 Razakers started to torture innocent unarmed people. They caught two men from sonatala village and killed thembeside the village of Daulatpur.  Freedom fighters attacked the camp 17 September in 1971. Commander Mukul leads the team. 26/27 Razakers died on that attack and 14 people were detained. On 7 December 1971, all freedom fighters and people of pro- freedom fighters were doing meeting by flying flack. Then the army and razakers attacked on the meeting. I was in the meeting and we were all unarmed. I wounded and I lost my left eye. . Nizami, Subhan and Razakers tortured the local Hindu and looted their house. Wife of Sunil Joyaddar were raped in front of her husband. Later she was committed suicide. I\'ve given deposition to investigating officer in 2010.