Sunday, 25th October, 2020
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War crimes trials have to be according to international rules: France, disappearance is an odious crime against humanity.
Thursday, 30 May 2013
France’s Humane Rights ambassador Mr. Att  large Frasuwa jimere said disappearance is a atrocious crime against humanity.
This is a syndrome of disorder law. He said at a press conference his two-day tour in Dhaka. He was met with senior officials of the Government, human rights activists and civil society representatives. He also met with the victim support and rescuer of Rana plaza tragedy. He was took part in  the article presents at Dhaka University Senate House in the  Human Rights in the context of globalization then he said that war crimes trial have to be according to (ICC) international rules. It is not as revenge against them. This is of the highest standards of human rights, the right of being. He said 140 countries have abolished the death penalty all over the world. It is not a scientific concept that Execution will decrease crime. There is no way to remove from the wrong decision, if someone is sentenced to death for the wrong reasons.
French ambassador said that a child would in Bangladesh, France or Haiti have his equal human rights. These rights cannot be measured. This is a same for everyone all over the world.
He is a human rights issue that we must respect and have to don study every day. Department of International Relations in the University of Dhaka was organized this program.
Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, Professor Delwar Hossain and Professor Aseka Irashad were presents in the seminar.
Mr. Att  large Frasuwa jimere called to (ILO) in writing statement have establish in practical way with the country.
To properly perform their duties in the field of international customers, he said. He was compared with Bhopal disaster of India and Rana Plaza’ tragedy. But they were gained their rights from the international forum.