Wednesday, 01st April, 2020
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There is no name of Muzahid anywhere of paper work; it is proved by investigation report- lawyer said.
Wednesday, 29 May 2013
Tuesday, 28 May, 2013.

The argument was held yesterday Monday for the second day in the case Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General and former Minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid. Advocate Syed Mizanur Rahman made hearing. He made hearing about the charge of second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth among total seven charges. He said that prosecution could not prove any complaint against Muzahid. Prosecution could not submit any document against Muzahid in crimes related paper. Even investigation of this case Abdur Razzak Khan admitted in his deposition he did not find the name of Muzahid in the list of Al-Badr, Al-Shams Razaker, the member of peace committee during investigation. Defense lawyer said in his argument that investigation officer created the report by cooking up of an account without going to place.  Muzahid has not shown in the book Al-Badar written by Pakistani author Salim Mansur submitted by Prosecution. Defense lawyer said there is a name of every district of the country’s members or leader of Al-Badr. But there\'s nowhere the name of Muzahid. If Muzahid would be Al-badar leader, his name was supposed to be in this book normally. Prosecution has also been failed here. Defense lawyers said in his argument No. 6 witness of Prosecution about 2 no. charges Malek Miah claimed himself as a people of kajimamatubbar in faridpur but he said to the investigating officer that his village name is bhangidangi. Though it is claimed that Pakistani Army incinerated this village during 1971, 9 no. witness Narayan Chandra said that this village was not burned. It has been proved by contradiction witness that the allegation against Muzahid is totally false. Prosecution could not bring any witness from damaged area when they claimed that the people Boddhadangi Majhidangi in Faridpur and their house was burned during war. Defense lawyers said prosecution of this case could not bring any witness of this village because the people of this village will not give testimony against muzahid. Ranjit Nath and Babu Nath did not bring any specific charge against Muzahid when they gave testimony about Case No. 3. But they said Muzahid said \'uchako hatao\' after detaining them. Babu Nath could not give details how he knew Muzahid. Victim did not make charge without the word \'Uchako hatao\'. Defense lawyer expressed his logic at tribunal that Babu Nath is out from the list of damaged in Faridpur. Though it is alleged to torture Abu Yusuf Pakhi in charges no. 4, victim did not c come to tribunal to give testimony. Prosecution has presented another testimony of case. It has been claimed in 5 no. allegation that the civilians have been killed at army camp in Faridpur. But the prosecution has brought only one witness to prove this charge. This witness was Zahir Uddin Jalal or Biccu Jalal. But Jalal has given testimony with his passion. So his deposition is not worth of accepting. Besides testimony which he has seen to torture them or who were tortured is incorrect. All description of this camp has been descriped in the book of Jahanara Imam named Ekattorer Din gully ‘War days” and Anisul Haque named Ma. But Muzahid’s name is nowhere of these book. Specially Jahanara Imam’s husband Sharif has rescued many of them from that camp. But he did not mention the name of Muzahid. Defense lawyers said Bichu jalal has given testimony interestingly. Jalal Bichu was 13 or 14 years old during war. It is not possible to wander in all Dhaka cities at that time. It is unreal, impossible to see that who are going by car in front of the house from the roof of six-storey building. There is a allegation of killing and torture of intellectuals in 6 no. charge in Physical Training College at Mohammed pur. 5 No. witness Rustam Ali has given testimony at the tribunal. He saw three persons to enter in to college during 1971. But he did not know any of them. He came to know from another person that thry were Muzahid and Ghulam Azom. Other two Justice Leaded by The International Crimes Tribunal-2 chairman Justice Obaidul Hasan recorded the arguments last Monday. Yesterday lawyer Syed Mizanur Rahman made an argument. Advocate M Shahjahan, Advocate HM Gazi Tamim help him. The next arguments will be held next Tuesday.