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There was no allegation in the deposition of the case against Mujahid.
Thursday, 11 April 2013
Monday, 08 April, 2013.
The head of the investigation officer Abdur Razzak Khan was crossed-examination by defense lawyer Syed Mizanur Rahman at Tribunal -2 in the case of so called crimes against humanity against Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General and former Minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid yesterday Sunday. In response to a question in deposition investigation officer admitted there is no allegation against Mujahid in the deposition of this case. In response to a question in deposition investigation officer admitted this case was under the rules of the Penal Court in Mirpur Pallabi police station case no 60 and date 25.01 2008. The witnesses of this case are total 15 including Amir Hossain molla. But none of the witness was not questioned in this case. Even plaintiff Amir Hossain molla was not made witness. . Other two judges leaded by Chairman of The International Crimes Tribunal-2 Justice Obaidul Hasan recorded cross- examination Last Monday. The court is adjourned when investigation officer Abdur Razzak Khan feels somewhat physically illness. The cross-examination of the investigating officer has been set for tomorrow. In response to another question in deposition IO clearly said that there was no definite allegation in deposition against Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid while Muzahid’s name was available in deposition in Pallabi police station. But I have investigated against Mujahid because of having mentioned committing crimes according to the law of International Criminal Tribunal Act 3 /2. At this time lawyer asked him that you have included his name in the deposition of this case in spite of not mentioning his name in deposition. He said it is not true. In response to another question, he said I have investigated similarly in another case of Keraniganj police station whose no is 34 date 2007. Mujahid’s name was available in this case of Keraniganj police station but no charges. However it was available in deposition that Mujahid was Al-Badar. Significant parts of yesterday’s cross-examination are below.

Q: In which department have you joined and which year.
A: In 1980, I joined the rank of SI.
Q: When have you received the rank of inspector?
A: In 2012.
Q: How much case have you investigated as a duty officer?
A: First, a case whoose no  -1, date 21/7/010. The defendants are Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, Abdul Quader Mollah and kamaruzzaman.
Q: How have you been given the responsibility for investigation?
A: I have been given responsibilities to investigate through official order.
Q: this case was under the Penal court in Police Station.
A: Yes. Case No. -60, date 5/01/008 in Pallabi police station.
Q: who or whom has investigated this case before you?
A: CID but who has investigated I don’t know.
Q: You were in CID after the date of 3.6 2008.
A: No. it is not correct.
Q: How and in which order do you receive this case
A: I got judicial notice.
Q: Did you get any police report.
 A: No
Q: Who was the petitioner of this case in Pallabi police station?
A: Mohammad Amir Hossain Mollah.
Q: was the name of witnesses in that deposition?
A: Yes. Total of 14 witnesses.
Q: Did you ask them in this case?
A: No. I asked in Quader Mullah’s case.
Q: Were you ordered to investigate in the case differently?
Answer: No.
Q: In this case, 14 witnesses have no complaints about Mujahid you did not ask anyone.
A: there is no allegation against Mujahid in Pallabi police station.
Q: Amir Hossain Mollah did not file case against him. Later you included his name.
A: It is not true.
Q: How the documents came to you from the CMM Court?
A: It comes to tribunal’s register.
Q: What is the Keraniganj police station’s case number?
Answer: Case No. 34 date 2007.
Q: What was the allegations against Mujahid in Keraniganj police station?
A: Mujahid’s name was available in Keraniganj police station
Q: Have you investigated by reading any book of any university including Dhaka University? Or have you investigated by taking interview of any teacher of university?
A: No. The ake I have interviewed only Muntasir Mamun.
Q: Was Muntasir Mamun associated with Gatok Dalal Nirmul Committee?
A: I do not know exactly.