Thursday, 04th June, 2020
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The counsel of government barrister Imran could not submit any proof that Professor Golam Azam incited to make massacres.
Monday, 08 April 2013
Friday, 05 April, 2013.
The state wings could not submit any information which has been charged against former Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and language fighter Professor Ghulam Azam in support of it to prove doubtfully. That evidence taken from Paper cutting does not match with allegations. Yesterday barrister Imran Siddique told these in the time of presenting final arguments of accused brought against Professor Ghulam Azam in the case of crimes against humanity during 1971. Other two members of the International Criminal Tribunal -1 leaded by ATM Fazle Kabir Jahangir Hossain and Anwarul Haque, Imran Siddique made an arguments two times (morning and afternoon) yesterdayThursday. Shishir Monir and SM Raihan Uddin help him.  On the other hand prosecutor Turin Afroza, Sultan Mahmud Siman, ReJiya Sultana Chaman was in favor of state wings. Trial is going on in absence of him because of his physical disability, illness while he is in the Prison cell of PG Hospital. Next arguments of accused in this case will be held Sunday. Imran Siddique said in the time of presenting argument about inciting the massacres as a proof that Professor Ghulam Azam’s different lecture containing newspaper cutting has been submitted by prosecution in 1971. Order has been given on the basis of the charges. But these allegations do not match with the law of International Crime Act 3 (ii) of this section in 1973. Four allegations have to be proven about genocide according to the Geneva Convention related it. Genocide is called when an ethnic group, religious group or racial group are killed to eliminate them. In 1971, many people have been killed. But such kinds of events did not cause that time. Rather at the present time processes are going on to eliminate or suppress by using state’s administration. The prosecution has been - failed to present any evidence like inciting the massacre. So there is no chance to convict him. Barrister Imran said there was no chance of expressing own views because of having censor on newspapers and news media in 1971.As a result the sensor entity was to say freedom fighter freedom fighter. They have to be said the \'villain\'. It was directed by military government. Report submitted by police was censor on it. If Professor Ghulam Azam called them villain that was censored word by military government. Imran Siddique said mentioning about cutting Ajad Newspaper on May 17, 1971, there is supposed to make Rajaker forces in that news. It is Government’s news. But it is not mentioned that it is formed in the plan of any Jamaat-e-Islami leader. The investigating officer said that he knows nothing about Rajaker forces. The state wings could not prove that Ghulam Azam and any Jamaat leader had no power to be appointed or dismissed. A manager was for controlling Rajaker forces centrally. And administration and SDO controlled the Rajaker forces locally. Barrister Imran said Professor Ghulam Azam urged the Razakars to supply arms according to cutting paper. If he did it, that was no wrong. Because it was formed banishing Ansar forces as a Rajaker forces much earlier. If Weapons provide for Razakars, it was directed by government. It was not done by any person. It would be crime if weapons were collected by Professor Ghulam Azam and anybody would make crime in the direction of him. In this field he did not make such kinds of crime. So Professor Ghulam Azam is an innocent person.