Monday, 01st June, 2020
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Chief justice at the hearing of Quader Mullah’s appeal: Motion of the tribunal has to be accelerated.
Friday, 05 April 2013
Thursday, 04 April, 2013.
The Appellate Division has told prosecution to accelerate motion at hearing against the verdict of Quader Mullah. Yesterday six –justice benches leaded by chief justice Mohammed MuzammelHossain the hearing starts.  Chief Justice told the lawyers of prosecution to accelerate the motion. You pushed it on us. It is laudable what you gave the Apex court.  Today Thursday the rest of verdict is to be read. At second day of hearing Additional Attorney General MK Rahman read 120 to 229 of tribunal’s verdict. Last 01 April hearing starts for the first time. Total 429 articles among 120 articles are available there.  At the hearing Attorney General Mahbub-e Alam, Chief prosecutor of tribunal GhulamArifTipu, Additional Attorney General Murad Reza were present there. Defense party’s senior lawyer and the vice Chairman of Bangladesh bar Council KhandakerMahbubHossain, Advocate AbdusSubhanTarafder, Advocate FaridUddin Khan, Advocate Manjur Ahmed Ansari and Advocate Tarikul Islam were present. Three-member tribunal leaded by the chairman of International Criminal Tribunal-2 Justice ObaidulHasan gave punishment Quader Mullah last 05 February. Five allegations have been proven among six allegations in that verdict and one allegation is not proven. In first, second, third he has been given punishment for 15 years. In five and six allegation has been given punishment life time. The accused can appeal within 30 days against verdict after announcing verdict according to the rule of International Criminal Law 1973. According to that next 05 March Tuesday is the last date for appeal. Prosecution appealed before two days. Some Online activist and Blogger in support of Government gathering in Shahbagh demanded death sentence Quader Mullah. The minister and parliament members expressed close union with them. International Criminal Tribunal added the law of appeal of Bill 2013 (International Crimes tribunal) amending law of 1973 in perspective of their demand. Later President gives allowance. Before prosecution had no chance to appeal against the verdict in the law of International Crimes Tribunal.  Prosecution had chance to appeal only against the verdict of release. Nework based International Human Rights Watch Organization told condemning the amendment of law it will hamper justice. Human Rights Watch Organization called upon not to give allowance it. But the government makes it into law without accepting their advice.