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Cross-examination end of 3rd witness Rustom Ali: next witness on April15; I don’t heard name of Moulana Nizami after war even meet with face-to-face
Friday, 05 April 2013
Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Third witness Rustom Ali’ cross-examination has ended against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Amir, former Minister Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami. He said last day of cross-examination that does not hear of Nizami’s name even meets with face-to-face after liberation war. He does not see him by any videos or images. However he saw him in Mohammadpur Physical Education College during war. He also said that it’s not true I am drug addicted. Justice ATM Fazle Kabir led and others two members Justice Jahangir Hossain and Justice Anwar Hosen were present in the International Crimes Tribunal-1 and Advocate Mizanul Islam have cross-examined to Rustom Ali. Advocate Manzur Ahmed Anasari, Asad Uddin, Tarikul Islam help him. Tribunal set a date to appear witness next April 15. Chief prosecutor justice Ghulam Arif Tipu and prosecutor Altaf Uddin create obstruction again during questioning. They did not only obstruction but also use slang language which is not possible mention here. Advocate Mizanul Islam wanted protection from the court but not get it. He also comments about the carry on the litigation. Md Rustom Ali’s Cross-examination has recorded yesterday.
Has given in the below….
Tarek khan Majlish was 7/8 years younger than me.  Zahir Uddin Jalal will be smaller to me. But it’s not estimated. This is incident of the Bosila village and river area. I was alone. This was a first visit this place. Then meet with Jalal at first time as a freedom fighter. In that time Muhammadpur Physical Institute was a camp of Al-badr and Razaker. They made camp by sand packet and that’s two gates but main gate was open. I came here to give evidence against Nizami but during war I did not see him in Psychical College.  I was a staff in that college as M .L .S .S but I have done duty as a security guard. I am a 58 years old. I have find out to investigation officer. I did not see Matiur Rahman Nizami face to face but saw him long days ago. It’s not true that I came here to give evidence for giving some facility from the government.