Saturday, 06th June, 2020
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The verdict of Professor Ghulam Azom’s case is expectant; it is not possible to prove allegation with passion and idle story without evidence- Tajul Islam> All allegations has been proven- accused will get maximum punishment- Haider Ali.
Saturday, 20 April 2013
Thursday, 18 April, 2013.
Final arguments have been finished in the case of so called crimes against humanity brought against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami former Ameer and language fighter Ghulam Azom. It has been waiting for verdict. Chairman of the International Crimes Tribunal ATM Fazle Kabir announced the verdict as a waiting after finishing Final counter arguments yesterday Wednesday. The verdict will be announced in certain day when it is ready. Yesterday Wednesday both defense party and state wings presented their arguments. One of the defense lawyer Advocate Tajul Islam told the journalist that the case cannot be proven with passion and idle story. Appropriate evidence is essential to prove the case. A prosecution could not present such evidence so that Ghulam Azom can be punished. Prosecution appealed for maximum punishment. But they have no sufficient evidence on the basis of which he can be punished for a minute. Prosecutor Syed Haider Ali said every allegation has been proved beyond doubt. So accused will be given maximum punishment. Consisted by other two members of International Crimes Tribunal-1 Justice Anwarul Haque and Justice Jahangir Hossain leaded by Justice ATM Fazle Kabir the lawyers of state wings presented counter-arguments. Prosecutor Syed Haider Ali, Sultan Mahmud Siman and Turin Afroz spoke there. Defense party’s lawyer Barrister Imran siddqui is given opportunity to speak in some law points. He is arrested 11 January 2012 after taking formal charge or allegation brought by state wings. He is most of the time kept in PG Hospital Prison cells after arrest. He is brought to court by wheel chair during going on the case. He is sent to PG hospital several times when he gets senseless. From then the case is going in absence of him. Yesterday he was absence at tribunal. 61 charges are brought against him in 6 headlines in 13 May 2012. Evidence is taken from July 11. State wings present 16 witnesses including Dhaka University teacher Muntasir Mamun, former advisor to the caretaker government Advocate Sultana kamal. 3000 witnesses were given by state wings. Only 12 witnesses are allowed to provide testimony. Only Professor Ghulam Azam’s son Brigadier General Abdullahil Aman Azmi gave testimony on behalf of his father. Rest of the witnesses did not come because of threating. Defense lawyers alleged that they have not given sufficient time to present the witness. Later state wings starts argument from February 17. In 13 working days defense party show their counter arguments. Yesterday in final day state wings does their closing arguments. Later tribunal keeps it waiting. It seems that verdict can be announced at first point of the next month. Later prosecutor Syed Haider Ali said in press briefing we have been able to prove allegations against Professor Ghulam Azom beyond doubt. Necessary evidence has been presented at tribunal. We are hopeful for maximum punishment. He said that Ghulam Azom planed of crimes and made conspiracy with the Chief Martial Law Administrator. Turin Afroz said how the light shows the way, crimes has been occurred surrounding Ghulam Azom. On the other hand Advocate Tajul Islam told evidence is necessary to prove the case. It is not possible to prove a charge with idle story. They could not be able to give minimum of information and evidence against him. As a result, he cannot be punished for one minute. He received faultless release. He said that the allegation about killing Miru Miah is brought against him on the basis of so called letter. But the letter is not presented at tribunal. He was also presented at tribunal who bears the letter. It means that they could not be able to present any evidence. It is totally fake. Tajul Islam said that has created conspiracy with Tikka Khan. But no witness says it. He said that command responsibility always causes in the field of military officers. The allegation which is taken in this case is totally false. He said that Professor Ghulam Azom was in favor of undivided Pakistan. It is not crime. Imran Siddique said that No Crime, No Charge. Ghulam Azam did not do any crime. So no charge may come. He was Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami. Because of this he did not punish any one. But it has been charged as a crime. No charge was brought against the worker of Jamaat-e- Islami. They can also be punished if there is charge. After all investigation officer said in deposition that he did not read constitution of the Jamaat-e-Islami. He does not know that what the law is to punish the member Jamaat-eIslami.