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The verdict day of Kamaruzzaman's case may be any day.
Friday, 19 April 2013
The verdict day of Kamaruzzaman\'s case may be any day.
Wednesday, 17 April, 2013.
International Crimes Tribunal will give the verdict of Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General kamaruzzaman’s case any day in the case of so called crimes against humanity. Other two members of the Tribunal Mujibur Rahman Miah and Justice Sahinur Islam leaded by Justice Obaidul Hasan three-member tribunal leave the case for verdict last Tuesday. Earlier the prosecution presented their arguments in legal point when the activities of Tribunal start. Syed Haider Ali, AKM Saiful Islam and Turin Afroz presented argument in favor of state wings yesterday. On the other hand Barrister Abdur Razzak and his son Ihsan Siddique presented argument in favor of kamaruzzaman last Monday. Kamaruzzaman applied to talk but Tribunal dismissed his appeal immediately and directed state wings to present argument.
A significant part of the argument is below.
One of the lawyer team prosecutions Advocate Syed Haider Ali and Turin Afroz took part in the hearing on Tuesday morning. Turin Afroz said that nobody has denied the incident of 40/41 years ago. Besides there will be no loss if the statement of the witnesses discrepancy. Because all of the witnesses gave same speech in this case. Then Sahinur Islam said that day, Month and time is said in charge particularly. But the witnesses have given different information. What is it? But now you are saying, they could not say right time. One witness says it was the month of July other witness says November. What is it possible? If they said that they could not say right time it would be correct. The witnesses did not say it.
Prosecutor urges Forgiveness at Tribunal.
Yesterday Turin Afroz said at the hearing that tribunal are not judging of specific incident. In fact tribunal is considering the incident of murder, rape and crimes against humanity. That time’s many incident has been occurred. We have to consider all incidents. If tribunal does not judge all of incident so it would be another crime against humanity. At the hearing, Chairman Obaidul Hasan and Sahinur Islam dissatisfied at his speech and said you could not say it. Do you mean that we would not do justice? You can tell at appeal division if you have any allegation against us. You have the place to say. Then Turin Afroz urges forgiveness. At one stage tribunal said you should chant slogan out of the court
Press briefing of prosecution.
Syed Haider Ali told to the journalists that we have been succesful to prove our allegation.
Press briefing of defense.
On the other hand defense lawyer Cafil uddin Cawduri said the witnesses has given contradictory to each other. Cafil uddin Cawduri said more that if these allegations were not taken, the trial has to start anew. He said Prosecution has been failed to prove the allegation.
The starting point of the case is below.
Last 19 June tribunal take amendment in the case of kamaruzzaman. one amendment is that he directed not to cause to kill and another is that he has not killed but he help to kill. Tribunal takes charge against kamaruzzaman on last year31 January. Last On April 16 it has transferred from Tribunal-1 to Tribunal-2. Earlier tribunal had backed it because of not formal on January 11. Tribunal backed it for two times because of prosecution’s failure. kamaruzzaman is arrested from high court area in the case of mass killing on 13 July 2010. 21 July the investigation officer began to investigate.