Sunday, 09th August, 2020
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Tribunal-2 directed to finish arguments in the case of Kamaruzzaman within Monday.
Saturday, 13 April 2013
Friday, 12 April, 2013.
International Crimes Tribunal -2 has given last chance defense lawyer to present argument in the case of so called Crimes against humanity brought against Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Muhammad kamaruzzaman. Three-member tribunal leaded by Chairman Justice Obaidul Hasan has given order as a last chance expressing dissatisfaction to defense party yesterday. Junior lawyer Sazzad Ali Chowdhury appealed for time because of not coming defense lawyer Barrister Razzak due to unavoidable reason when Tribunal starts yesterday. Then Tribunal ordered hearing kamaruzzaman’s speech. After finishing order Tribunal said it is last chance, last chance and last chance. Then I will let more time. Next Monday morning defense party has to present arguments by 15 April. Otherwise judicial process will go on declaring presentation closed. Note that main lawyer Barrister Abdur Razzak himself made arguments on behalf of kamaruzzaman in this case. On the other hand kamaruzzaman to Tribunal that honorable tribunal I regularly come to tribunal. I could not contact with my lawyer because of not their coming. I also could not talk to them. So let me be given time for the last. Otherwise I will be hampered. At that time Tribunal finally gave time till Monday.