Friday, 28th February, 2020
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Economist report: the Muslim society of London aggrieved because of giving death sentence to Sayedee.
Thursday, 07 March 2013
Wednesday, 06 March, 2013.
Influential British newspaper Economist informed that because of Sayedee’s death sentence Muslim society of London aggrieved in The International Crimes Tribunal. It is said in online version of Economist because of giving Sayedee’s death sentence it has become bloody after 1971 in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the violent protests has been occurred with it and obviously it will make it increase in east London. It is said that the effect of Jamaat-e- Islam in London is more than Bangladesh. In the past Sayedee was accepted as an honorable guest in the most influential Muslim organization in the East London Mosque. Chairman of the East London Mosque, Mohammad Abdul Bari informed that Maolana Sayedee is a talented speaker in his sight. His speech touches in London’s people massively. He said that many international human rights organizations express their views about tribunal a fault tribunal. He said that he will support the tribunal to allowed investigation internationally not in present faulty process.