Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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The logic of defense was not expressed regarding Bisa Bali killing: Review verdict.
Tuesday, 05 March 2013
Monday, 04 March, 2013.
Maulana delwar Hossain Sayedee has been given death sentence on the basis of which allegation, the killing of Bisa Bali is one of them. The deposition of 3 witness brought by state wings on behalf of proof against Sayedee has been expressed in this verdict. But it has been expressed in the incident of killing. It is said in this allegation brought by state wings that in 1971 the co-operator attacked on Hindu village in Udempur with Pakistan Army leaded by Sayedee. They set fire their house. They killed Bisa Bali in the direction of Sayedee. State wings appeared 3 Howlader as a witness to prove this allegation. Mahbubul Alam Howlader is one of them. Another two are Mahtab Howlader and Altaf Hossain Howlader. Their deposition expressed in this verdict in brief. It is said in this verdict expressing the deposition of Mahbubul Alam Howlader that he heard from people that Sayedee, Rajaker Peace committee attacked on Hindu village. They set fire on 20/30 house. Rajakers killed Bisa Bali by shooting after torturing. Witness Mahtab said he saw Sayedee and Rajaker attacked on that house while going to road. After they killed Bisa Bali. Another witness Altaf said he saw that Pakistan Army and Sayedee attacked on Hindu village while going to maternal uncle house. It is said in this verdict there are two eye witnesses in this incident. It is said in this verdict that they have attacked in the presence of witness.  The accused helped in the true sense. So it has been well proved in the incident. Defense party has mentioned several things in the time of presenting logic that Sayedee is not involved about it. But it was not mentioned in testimonial review. Lawer Advocate Mizanul Islm said that state wings has mentioned about the killing of Bisa Bali in edge of river. Pirojpur Freedom Fighter organization is the owner of this document. We expressed it to the court. Besides Altaf and investigation officer Helal uddin confessed it. But it is not expressed in the time of presenting our logic. Mizanul iIslam said that witness said he saw the incident of killing but they could not say who the killer of this man is. Bisa Bali’s brother Sukho Ranjon Bali was the witness of state wings. But he did not come in the tribunal as a witness for state wings. Rather he gave evidence for Sayedee. Last 5 November he was abducted from tribunal. From then he was not found. Sukho Ranjon said in his interview that Sayedee was not involved in the incident of killing. He was killed by Pakistan army. Last 6 June he said in his interview Bisa Bali was ill in the middle of month of Jaistha in 1971. In the day of incident my mother and I went to nearby garden after hearing crying and my sick brother was in home. 15/16 Military comes. Razzak, Sikander Sikder, Danes Mullah. gani Gazi, Muslem Moalana, Muhsin, Momin and Munsi were with them. Sayedee Saheb was not with them. We had not seen him. Pakistan Army set fire 15/16 houses and after they killed Bisa Bali. We had not heard the name of Sayedee. Sayrdee Saheb was not involved with the killing of my brother.