Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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Protest program in Rome to release demand of all political leaders including Moulana Sayedee.
Tuesday, 05 March 2013
Monday, March 04, 2013.
A protest rally has held in Rome to release demand of Allama Sayedee and others detained political leaders and to reject tribunal’s illegal decision against him. They call for atheist activities in the country where 90% peoples are muslim colonial. They express deep deplore about the heinous assassination on the pious people and they also called as genocide by police force. They demanded to take under justice about the Shabagi’s atheist. Mr.Mashiur Rahman informs us from Rome. “Global Foundation for Human Rights” organized this protest program in Rome to demand of reject of illegal tribunal and release of Allama Sayedee. This program presides over Global Foundation for Human Rights’s president Naeem Ahmed and directed by Mr.Mashiur Rahmanand chief guest was valiant freedom fighter Zahid Hossen. Prominent radio journalist and former Radio Tehran spokesman Mohammad Zahid Hossain, former leader of Dhaka University Mr. Zahid Hossain, Moulana Fazlul Karim, and former leader of Rashahi University Musharaf Hossain and Bi Baria Samitee’s prasident Muzahidul Islam Khadem deliver speech in the program. Valiant freedom fighter Advocate Zahid Hossain said at present government’s task is totally against of fundamental rights of humanity by the abduction, assassination, genocide and others heinous cruelty. If establish death sentence to Allama Sayedee then he will go to the almighty Allah -added Mr. Advocate. Those who are killed by police, what’s a fault? I think theirs fault is love Allah and Islam; Insallah will come good days for them. They could not run away to flee from another place. At present those who are fun in the Shahbag movements in the name of GANAJAGARAN MANCH. Man can understands different between of Islam and secularism that’s why numerous people receive Islam religion by his Islamic discussion. The speakers of the program discuss about the injustice of Allama Sayedee. Mahmud Ahmed said that death sentence of Sayedee and torture on the inoffensive students it’s not new era of Islam. We know history of Islam. Atheist torture on the muslim in historical age. But they will conquer for a day.                         False statements have been deleted for everlasting. These days are not far from in Bangladesh. The flag of Islam will fly in sky of Bangladesh.