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Again arrest of six leaders, including Prof Tasneem Alam, released on bail Govt everywhere in panic about Jamaat, city leaders
Friday, 16 March 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami city unit leaders have strongly condemned and protested re-arrest of six Jamaat leaders and activists, including the party central executive committee member and publicity secretary Prof Tasneem Alam, from the jail in new plotted cases on March 14 after they were released on bail.

In a statement on March 15, Jamaat city Ameer Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan and its secretary Nurul Islam Bulbul said that the AL-led government considered Jamaat as lone obstacle to establish one party rule BAKSAL in the county; that’s why the government was always in panic about Jamaat.

The government was torturing hundreds of Jamaat-Shibir leaders and activists physically and mentally keeping them detained in jail  

Even after they were released on bail from the higher court, the party leaders and activists were becoming political victims of government.

The new conspiring case was filed being revengeful and to torture them brutally in jail; the attitude of the government is not only extreme appearance of its fascist rule but also tantamount of ignorance to the higher court’s order.

Such attitude is not only against rule of law but also severe violation of the human rights, they criticized and demanded of the government to immediately release the detained leaders and activists.

Otherwise, they warned that the people would compel the government to quit power by a mass-upsurge and subsequently release the detained leaders and activists of all opposition political parties.