Thursday, 04th June, 2020
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The views of Human Rights Watch: Bangladesh is near to civil war.
Sunday, 10 March 2013
Bangladesh has reached near to civil war centering tribunal. Consisted this tribunal in1971 for judging War Criminals it did not follow International or national standard. After that there are many questions about tribunal. Already hundreds of people have been killed because of this verdict consisted the tribunal in 10 march. Among killed there were children and woman. Branch of Asia of Human Rights Watch said these. It is said in this speech that after giving verdict of Sayedee on 28 February violence has spread out across the country. At this time most people have been killed by law and enforce.  Six Thousands of people are injured and much property destroyed the Government did not know it. In the violence Government has misused of law and enforce and opponent political party has showed their power. It is said in Statement Tribunal has been ignored some basic matters. People are being accused according to their own willing in Tribunal. The Government has targeted opposition political party Jamaat-e-isalam in field. Bangladesh Government is continuing to implement his political decision without giving importance of transparency and accountability. Anybody is facing threat when he is expresses his negative views about tribunal. It is said in their statement that ruling Awami League government are using tribunal as a \'political weapon\'. It is said more that there are many war Criminals with Government. But they are free. On the other hand the people whom are being brought in trial it has been got many illegal process in investigation. As a result thousands of questions have risen about tribunal in national and international field. It is said that media cannot observed its duty rightly because of government. As a result the media are saying word like parrots. It is said in statement that the Government are not trying to make as environment for fair and neutral election. Still now justice has been ignored in tribunal. As a result the whole nation is now in trouble. In country there is no justice. It means that nation have to pay value with blood for it.