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Indian Citizen Shakti Shaha has given evidence against Muzahid.
Thursday, 28 February 2013
Wednesday, 27 February, 2013.
Indian Citizen shakti shaha gave evidence at tribunal last Monday against Shahed Matiur Rahm: Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General and former Minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid in the case of so called Crimes against Humanity. Although this witness denied himself as a citizen of India. But in response to cross-examine of defense lawyer he confessed that he lives in India, he has come to Bangladesh from India illegally without passport or visa. He also confessed that he also left to India from Bangladesh criminally without Passport and Visa in different time. Lawyer asked witness you are giving evidence in spite of being citizen of India and you denied yourself as a citizen of India so that no foreigner can give evidence against Muzahid.  He said it is not true. The International Crimes Tribunal – 2 leaded by Chairman Obaidul Hasan other two members Mujibur Rahman Miah and Shshinur Islam recorded witness’s cross-examination. Defense lawyer Advocate Syed Mizanur Rahmon asked question in tribunal. The next date has been set for March 5. In response to a question of Defense lawyers he said that he has no passport of Bangladesh. In addition he spent many days in India including his wife. Even her funeral has been completed after his wife\'s death in India. This witness said more that he also did a job in India in the shop of Bappa. He confessed that investigation officer Noor Hossain recorded his deposition in India. The witness said in response to a question I have been voter in the election of 1970. Of course he said again in response to another question in 1971 I got admission in High School After passing primary School. This means that he has been voter in the studying primary school. And that is not supportable in the basis of reality.
Notable part of cross-examination has given in the below.

Q: When did you get voter ID card?
A: I could not think.
Q: You are a permanent voter of your village. .
A: Yes, correct.
Q: When have you been first voter?
A: In 1970 election.
Q: You never were the voter of Goyala Chamata.
 A: It is not true.
Q: In which school did you get admission in class six?
A: high school but I could not think.
Q:  can you mention the name a few classmates?
A: Shyamal Roy, Ratan Saha.
Q: Who was that school\'s head teacher?
A: Noliny Babu.
Q: He is not a teacher.
 A: It is not true.
Q: Do you have any passport?
A: I do not have a passport.
Q: Where had your wife died?
A: in India.
Q: How many times have you been to India?
A: 3 times.
Q: At Last
A: Two years ago.
Q: Where were in India?
A: litchi garden area in my sister house.
Q: what is the date of wife’s death?
A: No I could not think.
Q: How many children do you have?
A: Three boys and one girl.
Q: How old is your boy?
A: 31/32 years.
Q: What did you do then?
A: Our Business and i had a job in Faridpur.
Q: Did you work in India?
A: no.
Q: Where is your brother?
A: In India his own house.
Q: How much is he older then you?
A: 20/25 years.
Q: Who was the investigation officer of this case?
A: Noor Hossain.
Q: Did he take your deposition in Faridpur?
A: No but he asked question.
Q: Did he inform you?
 A: no. I\'ve personally met.
Q: Did you charge anywhere for your father’s death?
 A: no.
Q: Where is your brother Gopinath Saha?
A: Faridpur.
Q: Do you know that your brother filed a case?
A: no.
Q: Can you mention the name of Muzahid’s brother?
 A: no.
Q: What was the date of April 1, 1971?
A: I cannot.
Q: How old were you during your sister\'s wedding?
A: 5/6 years.
Q: Have you seen Razaker in Faridpur town?
An: No I have heard and seen.
Q: Can you mention the name of  Razakar name?
A: Wahab Mia.
Q: on the basis of deposition Where your father was killed?
A: besides Sree Angan.
Q: How far is the Binoi house from Sree Angan?
A: 50/60 away.
Q: Who was the owner of the tree?
A: Ramon Shaha.
 Q: You did not speak against Muzahid from India.
 A: I said it.
Q: You gave evidence illegally in Bangladesh.
A: Many people did it. I am not alone.