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Prosecution’s 12th witness’s deposition in the tribunal: Didn’t see to Muzahid involve in any incident in the time war’71.
Saturday, 19 January 2013
Prosecution’s 12th witness Chitta Ranzan Shaha (Faridpur) has given
deposition in the tribunal against so called crimes against humanity
former Minister and Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan
Mohammad Muzahid. He said his deposition he saw him in the time of
1970 and 2001 election. So he didn’t see him involve in any incident
during war. He heard only that Muzahid formed peace committee in
Faridpur. The International Crimes Tribunal-2 led by chairman Justice
Obaidul Hasan and other two members Muzibur Rahman Miah and Sahinur
Islam recorded witness’s deposition. Defense lawyers Munshi Ahsan
Kabir cross-examine after counsel of witness. The court date has been
set next tomorrow Thursday. A noteworthy portion of the deposition of
witnesses in the below….
My name is Chitta Ranzan Shaha. Father’s name is late Moti lal Shaha.
My up-to-date age is 80 years old. I passed Matriculation in 1960. I
was elaborate in the 1952’s languages movement. I had business at
khalilpur in 1970 Politics also. I was operation for the marker boat
behalf of Mr. Muzib In 1970’s election. That’s time Ali Ahsan Mohammad
Muzahid Campaign on behalf of the Muslim League. I saw him but not
well familiar. Pakistani forces come in Faridpur ’71 April 21. They
burnt all houses then I was live in laksmipure. I saw a cars to go to
Faridpur then asked someone who are they? Replied that, they are Peace
Committee’s member and will meeting in Faridpur. They are lawyer
Afzal, Alauddin Khan, kalu Bihari and Muzahid. This date was 13
Boishakh, 29 May 1971 at 11/12 am. That’s day I came in Baga Char then
I saw 7/8 people are dead. My elder brother was dead in this place. I
can know by someone that Al-Badr and Peace Committee people were
killed them. Cross-examination in the below……..

Q: How were you old in 1960?
A: 22 Years.