Friday, 14th August, 2020
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The prosecution has finished their arguments in the case of Kader Mullah and Defense party will start on 7 January.
Sunday, 30 December 2012
Yesterday State wings has finished their arguments against detained in
the case of so called Crimes against Humanity Jamaat-e-Islami
assistant Secretary General Abdul Kader Mollah. Tribunal has set a
date for defense party to present argument on tomorrow 7 January.
Yesterday the tribunal combined three members Muzibur Rahman Mia and
Shahinur Islam leaded by the chairman of The International Crimes
Tribunal -2 Obaidul Hasan set this day on Thursday. Yesterday
prosecutor Mohammed Ali has finished his arguments. Then the lawyer of
defense party barrister Abdur Razzak said standing to tribunal that I
need 10 days for presenting arguments on behalf of my defense. Then
Chairman Obaidul Hasan set a time of 7 January. Abdul Kader mullah was
present at tribunal yesterday. On the other hand the cross-examination
of prosecutor’s 8 number witnesses Beauti Kanam is going on in the
case of Abdul Alim (the minister during Ziaur Rahman).Yesterday the
lawyer of defense party advocate Ahsanul Houque (Abu Hena) asks her
question. The defense lawyer will ask question this witness again on 2
January. Application for The hearing of re-trial of Ghulam Azam
completes and the hearing of sayedee starts.