Thursday, 28th May, 2020
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Prosecution’s 11th witnesses re-examine on 3 January of Muzahid’s lawsuit.
Saturday, 29 December 2012
Defense lawyer Advocate Syed Mizanur Rahman has taken
cross-examination of prosecution’s 11th witness Foyezuddin Ahmed (from
Faridpur) against so called crimes against humanity former Minister
and Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid on
the last Thursday. International Crimes Tribunal -2 set a date on 3
January re-examination of this witness because of incomplete
cross-examination on the last days. Witnesses said his deposition that
  Pakistani army and Bihari set fire inside four villages during war.
Witnesses said Assalamu Alikum to Muzahid. But he did not attend
there. He saved his house. The witness also said in his depositions
that the father of Muzahid Abdul Ali was an imam of court Mosque in
Faridpur. He was a good man. He died in macca performing Hajj. He was
buried there. Yesterday the another two members Justice Obaidul Hasan
and Muzibur Rahman Miah, leaded by chairman of The International
Crimes Tribunal -2 crossed-examine partially.

A significant part of the question against Muzahid in the below…...
Q:  Are you in Medical professions at Lal crosing at kamlapur in Faridpur?
A: Yes, correct.
Q: When have you made home in Faridpure?
A: 15/16 years ago.
Q: Have you studied any college?
A: no.
Q: Did you take any training before getting job?
A: 6 months Course about pharmacies in Dhaka.
Q: where are your homes in 1971?
A: 1 number word Charvadrasan.
Q: Bangidangi, Mazhidangi, Bauddhadangi, Baladangi, is located in the village?
A: Yes,
Q: Have any road through this village?
A: Yes,
Q: which was village under union?
A: most of the parts are under Dikrir Char and some unions are Gazir tek
Q: Have any road beside Vubenashar River?
A: Yes.
Q: Horse, Boat, Bike was an only vehicle?
A: Yes, correct.
Q: Had 3 words in Char Hariramur.
A: Yes, correct.
Q: Did 2, 3, 4 number wards burn?
A: Yes, correct.
Q: How distance Dangi village from your home?
A: quarter half mile.