Thursday, 01st October, 2020
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11th witnesses of state wings’ deposition in the tribunal: I told Assalamu Alikum to Muzahid and his father was a very good man.
Friday, 28 December 2012
11th witness Foyez Uddin Ahmed of the prosecution (from Faridpur) has
given deposition in the tribunal against so called crimes against
humanity of former Minister and Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary
General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid on last Wednesday. Witness said his
deposition that Bihari and Pakistani army was given fire on
surroundings four village. Then I told Assalamu Alikum to Muzahid.
Although he told in his deposition, he did not go there. Because he
stood at his own home for safety. Witness said in his deposition that,
Muzahid’s father Maulana Abdul Ali was an imam of Court Mosque in
Faridpur. Muzahid\'s father Abdul Ali was a very good man. He died
there during performing Hajj. He was buried in the Holy Macca. The
International Crimes Tribunal-2 leaded by Chairman Justice Obaidul
Hasan also were present including two members Muzibur Rahman Miah and
Sahinur Rahman and they recorded partial cross-examination of
witnesses on the last Wednesday. Today defense lawyer will
cross-examine witness. On the other hand Prosecution Mohammed Ali
showed arguments against another litigation of Bangladesh
Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Kader Mullah. He
will present arguments today (Thursday). Tribunal-2 set a date of
First January for questioning witness by prosecution another case of
Assistant Secretary General Kamaruzzaman.
Witness’s deposition details in the below against Muzahid……..
My name is Foyez Uddin Ahmed. Village: Cak Harirampur, Charvadrashan
in Faridpur.
Present address is chak Kamlapur, PS Ketwali, district Faridpur. I\'ve
passed Matriculation (SSC) in 1956. I have worked government service
in Naliya Baliyadangi in 1959 by reference of my uncle. I worked as a
compounder in 1971. Pakistani army has marched at Faridpur in 1 April
1971. After hearing 7/8 days this news I met with Civil Surgeon at
Faridpur. He said to me to move with careful. He said to me to work
Dispensary one day a week. After 6/7 days I go Charvadrasan in my
home. My home is to the South, Vangidangi, Bauddhadangi, Baladangi
Sarakardangi, Mazidangi and Bashtala. This village was Hindu area. I
stood at home. I saw village to burn. They go to the east. Some
peoples died there. Some Hindus are fled away when Pakistani forces
killed them by shut. Muzahid was 30 years old that time. I knew him
from my college life. I exchanged salam with him that days. All men
went away. I had been just standing alone. I had been standing in
front of my house with cap on head. So that no one can set to fire in
my house. I have buried Tara Chad Profulla’s dead body including
others. I showed Hindus safe way. I gave them something to eat.
Muzahid was a son of Maulana Abdul Ali. They were our neighbors.