Saturday, 15th August, 2020
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Order for four applications in the Tribunal-2 Kader Mullah’s wings on tomorrow.
Friday, 28 December 2012
The lawyers of detained so called Crimes against humanity
Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general Abdul Kader Mullah have
been hearing on four applications last Monday. Tribunal will give
order tomorrow Wednesday about it. The lawyers of Kader Mullah also
appears six acquittal witnesses on behalf of him, the investigation
report which has been formed on the basis of the certified copy of the
investigation report, complained Registers Order (on the basis of
order that the case was in progress) two FIR copy of application which
was formed against Kader Mullah in Pallabi and Keraniganj police
station. Advocate Tazul Islam made a hearing expressing four
applications at tribunal in the morning. Advocate Abdus Subhan
Torofder , Advocate Farid Uddin Khan, Advocate Ekramul Haque attended
there. Three member of tribunal leaded by chairman Obaidul Hasan set
up a day regarding it after hearing on four applications on 26