Monday, 06th July, 2020
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Release Mawlana Nijami In A Flash Who Is Under Arrest Without Any Reason
Saturday, 03 March 2012
Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami Ameer & ex-minister Mawlana Motiur Rahman Nijami ; the founder of modern Sathya-Bera Upazila is in imprisonment  approximately 8 months from 29 June,2010  up to now at a stretch by a illusory,digressive & conspiracy case,although he got bail after passing 2 days at that case.He also got bail of much more than harrasment cases from the high court, which was irrected after picking him up.Inspite of this, only for the purpose of actualizing  political vengeance, they don’t let Mawlana Motiur Rahman Nijami loose.By irrecting  an incident  infront; that was solved about 39 years era;making an excuse of finishing  it’s proper investigation,the govt. keep this popular leader into the Jail.From the conversation with various occupation’s peoples,it has known by exploring  physically  that:-Mawlana Nijami has become ill fated due to his  popularity,honesty,proficiency,capability,qualification & success in direction of the state and government. Old teacher  Khurshed Alam(80) says concerning the murder happened in 1971 at Koromja in Sathya that :-Mawlana Nijami was not familiure to the habitant of the local area before the national Parliament election of 1986.His name is attached by accident at koromja murder.In fact,it is false through and through,digressive & fictitious manner.He says:-the investigation team had communicated with very few people selected by Awami League.Although the general mass were inclined  to express their opinion  were not  allowed to come in touch with the investigation team.How can we say-the investigation has been finished disinterestedly? Has the investigation team worked at Kashinathpur’s Dab-bagan & Shaheednagar at Sathya neutrally? About  the question,renowned social worker as well as ex-president of Kashinathpur  Bonik Somity says:-without visiting the Dab-bagan & Shaheednagar,the team in a 5 storeyed building was rounded by the police & Rab,has taken an interview of bogus freedom fighter Abu Bakar Siddiq & District governor’s servant Kazi Azam (who has come here from long  far and build asylam after the liberation war).The habitants think that-the investigation is not finished authenticaly. He says:-present time, silent disaster is running. Share market scandal, crime of the government party, haphazard deeds has created complexity and entangled in messy condition and due to conceal the situation;  government  picked jamat leaders up into the jail covering by war crime case issue. Concerning the murder happened at Dhulauri Union of Sathya in 1971,Mukhlesur Rahman the chairman of dhulauri asserted-Mawlana Nijami is neither connected nor commanded with any kind of murder of Dhulauri. The investigation team asked only to many selected Awami League leaders arranged from far locality .General old peoples were inclined to tell the truth;but the investigation team didn’t  hear it deliberatrly. Bera Upazila Chakla Union Parisad chairman mr.rezaul Karim says:-a person like Mawlana  can mar the country,nation, liberty & sovereignty will not be credible to anybody.Moreover,the  govt. will prove it on no condition. Sudhapara,Mirpur of Dhalar chor Union near to Nagarbari,it’s habitants  Mojaammel  Haque Mridha(70),Akkel Ali Mridha(74),Abdul Hakim Mridha(75) as well as all the muslim gathered into Mosque passed comments:-Mawlana Nijami connected on no condition with any murder.We long for release to government of  a good man as he is. Thus,over thousands of people express their disconcerted re-action.It is mentionable that:investigation team of the tribunal went to Coromja at Sathya last Wednesday where they had taken interview of very few selected peoples.They didn’t  take interview of the local freedom fighters, if though they had much fervor.