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Professor Ghulam Azam was senseless at the tribunal again
Friday, 11 January 2013
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami former Amir and language fighter Professor
Ghulam Azam was senseless at the International Crimes tribunal court
yesterday. As a result they take him rapidly on stretcher by the
ambulance in the PG Hospital’s Prison Cell. Already in more time
became senseless in the tribunal. The Tribunal has taken a while for
the application. Other application records have been kept. Today
(Tuesday) will review application against re-consider appeal. Justice
Jahangir Hossain led another member of the Tribunal Justice Anwarul
Haque sits at 11 pm yesterday because of vacation of Tribunal-1’s
Chairman Justice ATM Fazle Kabir. Professor Ghlam Azam was taken at
tribunal court before an hour. His lawyer Advocate Mizanul Islam was
doing hearing of appeal. In the meantime quarter at 11 pm news comes
from ground floor that Professor Ghulam Azam is senseless. He was
taken by authority before half an hour. Advocate Mianul Islam draw
attention of judges then order to send him to the hospital. At the
same time until the next command is given (fever) of the Tribunal does
not appear him. Lawyer consented about the order. Advocate Mizanul
Islam said, Professor Ghulam Azam age and physical condition does not
permit. He is interested in his case if beyond itself. The fact if he
comes here.  then he meet and talk with 1/2 known people. He was taken
quickly to the PG Hospital Prison Cell. However when he was move by
ambulance then back his sense. Meanwhile, Advocate Mizanul Islam
appealed to adjourn case arguments of Professor Ghulam Azam. He said
to tribunal that I will review application against the order of
January 3. But we cannot application because of not get certified
copy. Review of the application until the resolution of this case is
pending. Court said, we\'ve signed on the day of order. Your petition
was present that day. So you get a result. Mizanul Islam said it may
have been faults in one place or Miss Understanding. Prosecutor Ziad
Al-Malum opposes against application. Another application of defense
party including other witnesses appeared before the hearing of the
application will be considered by the witness is to appear.