Wednesday, 05th August, 2020
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Witness must be appeared at anyhow tomorrow: said Tribunal -2.
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
International Crimes Tribunal-2 has ordered that witness must be
appeared the rest of defense witness in the tribunal against so called
crime against humanity  Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general
Abdul Quader Mollah  tomorrow Wednesday. Otherwise cross examination
is to be started on the behalf of prosecution which has ordered by the
Tribunal. On the other hand Tribunal’s member Justice Obaidul Hasan
said the defense lawyers that you have to appear your witness at
anyhow tomorrow. Otherwise you will not be given any time. No excuse
would be taken for any consideration though there is political program
that day. your witness must be appeared. Quader Mollah\'s lawyer
Advocate Farid Uddin Khan said standing after starting trial yesterday
that My Lord, we could not appear our witness today. Please give me a
sometime to appear our witness for last time. Then Chairman said that,
already you have been given many times. But why do you want time
again? Then Advocate Abdus Sobhan Tarafder and Advocate Ekaramul both
said stading, My Lord, we are committing that if you give permission
for the last time then we must appear witness. Justice Obaidul Hasan
said again, if you do not appear witness then what will happen?
 Then lawyers said that we are giving commitment that we would not
permit any more. If we are not able to appear our witness then you
will start argument. After tribunal chairman set a date of argument
next 13 December but prosecutor Mohammad Ali reluctance so tribunal
set next 12 December on Wednesday.