Friday, 14th August, 2020
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Kader Mullah’s objection to the tribunal: I am not getting emergency medicine and cannot say prayer.
Saturday, 22 December 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant secretary general Abdul Kader Mullah
Complaints standing at the tribunal that Jail authority tortured me in
various ways. I cannot get emergency drugs of my illness for last two
days. Even I cannot say prayer properly in the prison. I have been
kept in the 6 number cells where I cannot say prayer. I have been kept
such kind of narrow space room where i cannot give Ruku and Sizdah
(prayer) properly. His complaints are that they took out me with
immediate decision Dhaka Central Jail instead of Kashimpur Jail
without any pre-preparation on the last Wednesday. I have been kept
such kind of narrow room where I cannot also complete my natural
demand. I could not get drugs which i used to take for long 21years.
But all drugs were in the Kasimapur Jail. Before arguing presentation
of prosecution in the International Crimes Tribunal-2 Kader Mullah
said, drawing attention to the Chairman of honorable court, my wife is
arrested by the government and has taken for remund. I am extremely
sorry for saying you something with passion. I am also very emotional.
I have been tortured by authority in many ways. I am getting ill day
by day. I have to go Central Jail again today. Suddenly they informed
me to go to the central Jail instead of Kashimpur Jail due to hartal.
I have been kept with general prisoner’s 6 number cells instead of 26
number cells.  The authority is giving me pain. He said that Honorable
Court, there is no scope of saying something without your place. So if
government has the plan to kill me, you can shoot me. Why have you
given me pain? I think about behavior of government that they are
killing me. So I\'ll say again that you all can kill me by bullet
without any troubles. The Chairman Obaidul Hasan said that Mr. Mullah
you won’t say in this way. They could not take out you to kashimpur
jail due to hartal and arrangement of jail Authority yesterday.
However we expressed sorrow for it. We must see the matter. After the
tribunal directed Mohammed Ali to consider the matter with importance.